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Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 138

1 :Mr.English:2009/10/25(日) 11:41:04
( ´・ω・) Let's have liquorice tea and chat!
( つ旦O ∫ ∫ ∫ ∫ ∫ ∫ ∫ ∫
と_)_) 旦 旦 旦 旦 旦 旦 旦 旦

Previous Thread:
Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 137

Hey!!! you NEETs, nerds, YouTube-link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats' spoiled sons, losers who can't remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboos from all over the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, and cunning
linguists. And let's hope the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!

Here is the place to have a ball!!!!!

2 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 11:49:00
commemorative writting.

3 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 12:45:14
Good job!

It's the last Sunday in October so let's enjoy the weekend to the full.
Breathe in the air of Autumn and get refreshed!

4 :mr fag:2009/10/25(日) 14:22:10
how do I gets myself some japanizu people on MSN? T__T

is there any thread for that?

5 :何玉鳳:2009/10/25(日) 19:45:30
November 15 the Seven-Five-Three Festival falls on my lover Hakkina's birthday.
I'm working out my plan what you present to her now.
She is a wonderful and expressive woman who has the mouth like a duck's one.

6 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 20:12:54
Your English has a few mistakes so I take that you aren't a native speaker of English?


not counting "japanizu" because I thought you spelled it that way intentionally.

This thread http://academy6.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/english/1236676900/l50
is the one you talk about Skype so you may be able to find someone to
talk with on Skype.

Unfrotunately, there are no threads about MSN in English board.
There are penpal sites made to find Japanese friends so you can try them,
I think.

7 :何玉鳳:2009/10/25(日) 20:17:03
Which woman do you think wins when A woman who well-forged and has average reflexes(she is about 160cm height and the lightweight) fights against B woman who is ordinary OL and has quick reflexes (she is above 175cm height and the heavyweight)?
And when thinking so, would your penise be erected?

8 :何玉鳳:2009/10/25(日) 20:32:02
You have to like powdered green tea caramel among the Morinaga milk caramel series.
Because my lover Hakkina likes it.
By the way, the Morinaga milk caramel series includes the red bean caramel, the unrefined sugar caramel, and the soybean flour caramel... etc, besides the powdered green tea caramel.
I severely punish him if there are any persons who like some other caramels than the powdered green tea caramel!!
Because my lover Hakkina likes it.

9 :mr fag:2009/10/25(日) 22:10:03
no I didn't make any mistakes, this is how people WHO ACTUALLY USE THE
LANGUAGE on the internet talk unless they're dickeheads like

I spell japanizu any wayu ayu wantsu fagotto

your response was useless, anyone else wants to comment?

10 :guy:2009/10/25(日) 22:29:36
Only retards speak like that "mr fag", it seems you live up to your name.

11 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 22:45:50
Your posts and spelling mistakes just goes to show you have low IQ.

On a different note, I found and an interesting vid.

12 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 22:55:52

13 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/25(日) 23:01:10
What a great idea!
I enjoyed the video very much.

14 :guy:2009/10/25(日) 23:17:23
11, are you a native English speaker?

15 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/26(月) 01:27:08
No, I'm not. I'm a Japanese English learner, which is obvious to English speakers.

16 :mr fag:2009/10/26(月) 02:05:02
I am a retard indeed, you're pretty perceptive

way you talk has nothing to do with your "intelligence"

enjoy your fantasies

no he's just a huge douche


Anyways. I'm learning japanese for many many years. Would like to chat with
some peepz. Don't like the idea of writing to "penpals".
Tried that several times...
it sucks balls, who writes mails nowadays when you can chat...? T___T

The skype is hard to set up on LINUX so I didn't bother but I will

What's the most popular IM protocol in Japan? In US it's aim, in europe
mostly MSN.

17 :何玉鳳:2009/10/26(月) 19:51:46
Do you like video? I also like it!
My most favorite video is the one of the title "Girl Karate athlete VS rape manitou".
And If there is the video "A light class girl Karate athlete VS Hevy class 10 ordinaly OLs", I want to see it by all means.
Have you erected your penis reading ↑?

18 :何玉鳳:2009/10/26(月) 21:10:50
No matter whether he is a native speaker, it is no problem.
It is an impotant problem whether his thigh could endure or not, even if his thigh was dumped against bundled 3 big women's thighs.

19 :何玉鳳:2009/10/26(月) 21:26:20
I will show you the guaranteed maxim.

"If you are a man who has any thin thigh,your thigh should be stronger than the thighs of 3 big women was bundled."

20 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/26(月) 23:58:10
You repeat almost the same story.
Are you a geezer?

21 :guy:2009/10/27(火) 01:14:20
mr fag, wanna have sex?

I would like to get to know you more intimately, so lets have at it.

22 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 01:54:32
sssh... This is not a romance channel, please get intimate somewhere else.

Today I have started intermediate level Japanese classes.
I realise I have much to catch up, especially i need to do
lots of writing exercises.

I feel it is so much fun learining Japanese! I love it when
I can understand a few sentences in dramas, without l
ooking at the subtitles.

23 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 08:46:37

24 :mr fag:2009/10/27(火) 10:17:53
yeah why not

good for you, I spent like years on just learning jouyoukanji
never faced enemy like this before in my LIFE


but with help of heisig and anki I managed to kinda learn them T___T
(well most, 80% maybe ror)

25 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 12:18:40
Do you think you'll reach an itermediate or advanced level in the future?
I think only learners with determination can reach these levels.

That's great. Not many people reach the level you're in. If you remember
80% jouyoukanji, then you don't have much difficulty reading Japanese
website, I believe. So you think it's time to chat with Japanese people
on MSN instead of just reading and writing?

To all the people who study Japanese, this site seems good to
read although I think nothing can beat brick and mortar classes.

It even has podcast.

26 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 12:49:48
i pity you=D

27 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 13:24:05
I'm sick of Japan's tendency of Westernization.
Christmas was imported from the West and it has evolved differently from
the West although Christmas both in the West and in Japan are commercialised.

Then now Holloween is getting quite popular here. There seems to be many
events relating to Holloween. In some, participants will wear costume and parade
on the street. Some kids organize groups and do trick or treating.
Give me a break. Enough of imports of such events.

I don't mean I'm xenophobia but I don't like the tendency of importing anything
ideas of Western origins. We should be appreciate something Japanese more instead of
imitating something from the western countries.

28 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 13:38:48
That is called globalisation.
It's a side effect of Capitalism.
If the tank of Capitalism keeps on rolling through our garden, eventually there will remain
only one culture, a monoculture. Everyone will speak the same language.
Unless we do something about it.

29 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 14:48:26
Way before the "globalization" became a buzz word, we have Christmas in Japan
and Holloween was budding trend at least 20 years ago.

Holloween in Japan is less widely known than Christmas but maybe it will
become common as an annual event. It's good to have fun for Haloween
parade or wearing a costume but I don't buy the idea of importing everying your eyes can spot
in western countries.

30 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 15:16:59
What a laugh you saying it in English,
"we should appreciate something Japanese!".

31 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 15:49:02
Learning English and accepting anything from western countires are two different things.

32 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 16:24:10
Learning English is one thing; Accepting anything from the West is quite another.

33 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 16:48:10
I think I'm a little late to this thread.
Seems like it's gotten thread-jacked into an Anti-Globalization
discussion, which is interesting, I guess.

I'm an American that's lurking on these forums now and then, mainly
poking around to practice reading, but also just out of curiosity.

Like MrFag there (who, by the way, is a tremendous douche), I just finished
up the standard set of Kanji with Heisig and Anki, and I'm finally
starting to learn actual Japanese.

Shit's hard.

But I wanted to chime in here, because I'm curious about what
Japanese people would think about a website with a lot of interesting
thoughts on language learning, antimoon.com. Maybe it made rounds
through here before, so I apologize if it's nothing new. It makes
language learning a joy instead of back-breaking work.

Although it seems like most of the people posting in this thread
are pretty good already, so maybe it won't be useful.

34 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 17:17:21
         / ̄\
        |     |
       /  ̄  ̄ \
     /  \ /  \
    /   ⌒   ⌒   \      よくぞこのスレを開いてくれた
    |    (__人__)     |      褒美としてオプーナを買う権利をやる
    \    ` ⌒´    /   ☆
    /ヽ、--ー、__,-‐´ \─/
   / >   ヽ▼●▼<\  ||ー、.
  / ヽ、   \ i |。| |/  ヽ (ニ、`ヽ.
 .l   ヽ     l |。| | r-、y `ニ  ノ \
 l     |    |ー─ |  ̄ l   `~ヽ_ノ____
    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ヽ-'ヽ--'  / オープナ  /|
   .| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/|    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/| ______
/ ̄オプーナ/|  ̄|__」/_オープナ  /| ̄|__,」___    /|
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/オープナ ̄/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/ オプーナ /|  / .|
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/l ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|/| /
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

↑How to say this in English?

35 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 17:27:31
Thank you very much for launching this thread.
You deserve to have a right to buy this can opener.

36 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 17:55:10
Thank you very much for opening this thread.
You deserve this can opener as a reward.

37 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 18:33:34
I am neither 35 nor 36.
オプーナ doesn't seem like a can opener but a video game played with Wii FYI.

38 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 18:33:51
I think you guys are misunderstanding.
"オプーナ" is a lifestyle RPG for Wii,
it is spelled like this: "Opoona".

39 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 18:45:12
I thought it was a can opener orz....

40 :何玉鳳:2009/10/27(火) 19:04:32
Do you think that people have a lot of interesting thoughts on language learning?
I am not so.
I have a lot of interesting thoughts on the method of the masturbation.
Are you itching to know that?

41 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 19:44:27
i cnnot do what you can but you can do what i can do

42 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 19:46:55
Full I care cowards to become miss note.


43 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 20:07:54
A. It helps the economy

B. Such "events" give shy Japanese people an excuse to ask someone out

I don't see any negative effects.
If you're against the commercialism, you don't have to
participate in the festivities and buy stuff.

44 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 20:24:24
Thanks for sharing the site. I've never heard of it.
I have just read some pages and found out that the site seems to have a very positive tone.
I think I'll keep reading it.

One thing I'm not sure is whether the administrators of the site has "mastered"
English as they claim. I'm not trying to be a nitpicker or anything but my point is that even if you can become
very fluent in a foreign language, it's extremely difficult to become as fluent as
native English speakers.

Do you think the English in the website has no awkward parts? Not a bit?
I can't distinguish myself but I just thought if native English speakers read
the site, they can see some parts which doesn't sound completely natural.

45 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 20:30:49
There are other ways to stimulate economy other than imitating western events.
You can join Awaodori or other dance festivals originated in Japan to get over

46 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 20:40:32
Inscribe his name on your soul.
And don't forget who's the COOLest, too.
It's TAK aka COOL TAK.


47 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/27(火) 22:20:15
Why does it have to be X or Y?
Why not X and Y?

48 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 02:53:54

You're right, the English on antimoon is slightly awkward in some parts, but
it's deliberate to some extent. Remember, the website is written in
English and directed towards non-English speakers, so they deliberately
use very simple words. A LOT of Americans write with far worse grammar.

One thing I would recommend is to find the sound bites of them
reading parts of a book in English. One of the authors sounds completely
flawless, and the others are pretty good.

The most important thing about that site is the idea that language
learning is supposed to be fun. In my Japanese studies, no matter
how hard it gets, I'm still not about to quit. It just doesn't feel
like studying. How could it? This week I started playing RTKOnline
and I've been watching Lucky Star. As long as it's in Japanese, I'm

Granted, I DO have to study, but I don't study grammar, and I don't
read vocabulary from lists or anything like that. A great website
on applying Antimoon's theories is alljapaneseallthetime.com. Obviously
it's meant for English speakers learning Japanese, however the author
says frequently that the methods can be applied to any language. Don't
expect any awkward grammar or simple words there, though. It's directed
at native speakers. Look up the information on '10,000 sentences.'

49 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 02:55:28
Oh yeah,


Any tips on preventing chaffing? I don't really care for lube. I'd
appreciate some advice.

50 :何玉鳳:2009/10/28(水) 06:02:47
I have no tips on preventing chaffing. But I have the tips on concerning the method of the masturbation abundantly.
Are you itching to know those?

51 :イギリス人:2009/10/28(水) 08:09:15
On the last three days of last week, my company was hosting some seminars
in the south of England. Our attendees are almost all accountants, so it
was pretty boring. But anyway, the senior management of my company are all
hardcore Christians. On the way back home, my manager had to stop at Manchester
and stay overnight, ready for a meeting with another accountancy client. The
new secretary had booked a hotel for him, called 'The Velvet'. Down a road called
'Canal Street'. She hadn't realised that Canal Street was in the centre of an
area in Manchester known as 'Gay Village', frequented by gay men and lesbians
from all over the world. His room was purple, and he had a four-poster bed. Above
the bed was a figure of a man bound to a wooden pole with leather.

Just thought I'd share that. Good night.

52 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 08:12:41
/ /    ヽ ::: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/      NO THANK YOU
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |.|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: :|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ  

53 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 10:56:35
Hardcore Christians love gay bondage. It's a well-known fact.

54 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 11:25:48
Hi, I am a person who is studying English. So, please let me join you.
What is the best way to study English. My belief is to use English as
much as possible and don't rely on things cost money. So, I never
care about any mistakes, I never care about being wrong. So, if you
are trying be my teacher, your are so wrong if you try collect me.
But if you are my student then I should so welcome you. Please
understand that you don't be reading my shit if you don't!

So, let's start my English lesson. Much often the times, people who the hell
think of for sure can know English hell turned out be so sick.
Stuck up being a shit hell kick me into holly crappy hell NO.
54 is absolutely yesing to the the answer here, don't come any can speak English
people or can offer something people. Ur intensions look so ugly so
much of no use. 変態はどっか行け!!お前ら屈辱の貴公子だ!きたねー

55 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 11:35:52
Yes, I absolutely agree with whatever point you were trying to make there.
Absolutely! Yes! >>54 for Prime Minister of Japan!

56 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 12:04:13
Hi, I'm Hiro studying at uni in AUS.
How r u guys doing?

57 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 13:20:27

58 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 13:22:01

59 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 13:31:28

60 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 14:09:02
Why do you know what his room was like.
You implied that you were in bed with him, didn't you?
イギリス人 has opened a door to a sensual homosexual world?
Whatever your sexual orentation is, we love who you are!

61 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/28(水) 14:43:39
   ( ・∀・)      >>57 YATTA!!
  /   \        I am satisfied to have only one leaf.
 ⊂/)  ノ\つ
  / ◆<
 / ノ ヽ )
∠/  ノノ

62 :イギリス人:2009/10/28(水) 17:09:19
Thank you. Thank you for your support. It... it means a lot.

He took photos of the place with his phone and sent them to the company
director. Then, instead of letting us get on with urgent client work, we
were ordered to Photoshop the manager's face onto a burly biker, and also
onto a transsexual laying on a bed, which the boss then emailed around the

63 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/29(木) 01:02:16
I went about 2/3 way through the website.
I listened to their English, too. Yeah, one sounds like an American,
although the other has (Polish, maybe) accent, which sounds still
pretty good.

If my memory serves right, alljapaneseallthetime.com was mentioned here before and I have read some
pages on the site. I even saw him on some Youtube videos when a youtuber invited
him to his channel. I think I'll read '10,000 sentences' pages, too.
Thank you. Hope your adoption of the method will bear fruits, although
I guess you're already pretty good at Japanese.

I for one think both the writers of alljapaneseallthetime.com and Antimoon
are talented in language learning in the first place even if they insist
they are just oridinay learners and it's a method of learning that counts.

But I think I as an ordinary (not talented) English learner like me
can learn a lot from their methods so I think I'll read more of what have
to say.

64 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/29(木) 01:09:17
Hey, that's a techno/house version. He is cool more than ever!

65 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/29(木) 01:26:15

This girl's dancing videos from Man island in UK is very popular in Niconico video and youtube among
Japanese (Otaku). She even was invited to Japan a few times to participate in events in Akihabara and
other places. This might be a "Japanese dream" which can be realized if you love Japan's otaku culture and
get popular among Otaku. Her father is a police officer so be careful if you're thinking about stalking her.

66 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/29(木) 12:21:23

I'm glad you liked the website!

I'm also a very ordinary language learner. My major is Computer Science, literally
nothing to do with spoken language. I'm finding it a wonderful hobby, though.
Even if it doesn't bear fruit, I'll still have had a lot of fun trying.

I apologize if my tone was too preachy. I get excited talking about how to
learn a language, and I am trying to get as close to Japanese as possible.
I actually don't know that much Japanese yet (I've only worked on the language
itself for a month, I spent 5 months on Kanji), but I wanted to see how
Japanese people typically learn a language.

How is that, by the way? What do you typically do?

67 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/29(木) 22:50:40
"alljapaneseallthetime.com" guy's major doesn't have something to do with language, either if I
remember correctly. Typical Japanese people begin to study English when they enter junior high.
English is a mandatory subject so everybody studies it for at least 6 years
by the time they graduate from high school. Students who want to go to a good university
have to study very hard.
English taught at junior high and high school are mainly reading and
grammar so even students who go to good university can't speak English well.
You have to study Oral English and do listening practices on your own
if you want to get to communicate in English. In my case I read English websites to practice reading and I watch videos
on YouTube and news sites such as CNN. My English is improved very slowly
but that can't be helped.

68 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/30(金) 16:18:40
Now, many people have been banned from 2ch.
*The following is the list of banned ISPs.

Plala Internet, So-net, au.NET, BB Excite, BBIQ
Mics Network, City-Cable SYUNAN, Nagasaki Cable Media
CTY, ASAHI Net, E-Access, eonet, FCTV, Fine-Tune
BIGLOBE( Hokkaido, Iwate, Yamagata, Fukushima, Miyagi, Gunma, Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka.
Aichi, Niigata, Shiga, Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji, Saga)
Alpha Internet(FTTH), hi-ho(FTTH), UCOM(FTTH), @George, JCN Hino, JCN MyTV.
Hirata CATV, Iam-net, NTTPC(Iwate, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Okayama), IIJ4U, @nifty,
JANIS, DTI(Kanagawa, Tokyo, Kyoto), KCN, JCN KKTV, MEGA EGG, mopera, Aitai net,

Tokyo Cable Network, Toyohashi Cable Network, Tannan CATV
E-mobile, GyaO, Shizuoka Internet, Lucky Town TV
TikiTiki, Bay Communications, Cosmos Net Communications
Mobile-Net, itscom, WILLCOM, @NetHome, J:COM
Yokohama Cable Vision, J:COM, Commuf@, The University of Tokyo

69 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/30(金) 18:39:55
I've found some proxies that allow me to post on 2ch.
But I think it's only a matter of time before they are banned.

70 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 05:04:17
Would you please,rite to me?

71 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 15:30:22
I am putting my msg on by using my cell cuz I am banned too.
What a annoying!
I cannot even use a spell checker.
This is too much troubIe.

72 :Kobe University:2009/10/31(土) 15:53:39



7 :名無しさん@十周年:2009/10/31(土) 14:47:08 ID:pZKqF5f0P

73 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 17:18:16
Why were those isps banned?

74 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 18:10:41
Some residents of 2ch who were called The Vipper did "Banzai Attack" to administrator board of 2ch.

I think those ISP might have been used by The Vipper at that time.

75 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 20:19:31
Can you keep a dog?

76 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 20:53:03
I'm being kept!

77 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 20:55:34
What do you keep?

78 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 21:10:56
What did you eat for today's breakfast?

79 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 22:45:40

80 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 23:12:51
Oh, my god!
Did you eat a dog?

81 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 23:15:30
Ordinary people ate dogs in Edo-Period.

82 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/10/31(土) 23:28:18
I did not know that there was such a custom.

Have you ever eaten a cat?

83 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 05:16:42
I'm a typical Hikikomori.

Lately, I have begun to have difficulty controlling my emotions.
The other day, when I woke up I felt irritated for unknown reasons,
and I hit my bed and my room wall really hard till they nearly broke.
If this goes on, I may kill my relatives in a fit of rage someday..
I'm scared of myself.

It is truly uncomfortable to sleep on the broken bed...

84 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 09:02:36
Just smash your head against the wall until you feel better.

85 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 10:36:01
I just tried what you said.
My head is bleeding and my room wall is covered in blood.
Although I still can't control my emotions,
now I feel euphoric! wow! I wanna share this psychedelic experience!

86 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 11:03:07
They had to live on protein.
You would eat anything in a poverty.

87 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 12:46:30
It didn't work because you didn't shout "BANZAI" after every hit.
Oh, and you have to wear a pink hachimaki.

88 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 12:49:57
little boy

89 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 13:07:37
Are you a KAMIKAZE fighter?

90 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 13:25:51
No, I'm a KAMIKAZE healer. I heal with the power of self-sacrifice and devotion to my Emperor, which is my dog.
After every five years I eat my Emperor. For protein.

91 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 14:28:28
You can make the divine wind.

92 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 16:10:40
god demn yeah

93 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 17:29:00
It will be so.
They ate a bird and the fish.

94 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 17:35:32
The wind that I can make breaks wind.

95 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 19:35:34
Any wind cannot be broken by humans.
Wind have no shape.

96 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/01(日) 21:16:53
Because I can calm down, I yearn for rural living.

97 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 00:29:21
little boy

98 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 02:12:39
Where were you last naight?

99 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 03:39:00
little boy

100 :何玉鳳:2009/11/02(月) 06:03:35
Hakkina's soft and slim thigh cannot be broken by bunch of 10 voluptuous women's thigh.
Because Hakkina is my lover.

101 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 06:47:42
Hiroyuki, you fucking ruined my life! YOU FUCKER!!!
I stay on "ν速" and "VIP" all day and never go to work...
Guess what, I got fucking fired.
Now my fucking kids do not have dinner, because I am too busy being a faggot on 2ch
instead of just hauling my ass away from the computer!!!!

You ruined my life! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

102 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 21:15:00
When and why did you change your handle from 金玉ル to 何玉鳳?

103 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 21:15:51
There is no account for loony.

104 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/02(月) 22:37:51
金 is korean surname isn't it?

105 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/03(火) 01:50:47
little boy

106 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/03(火) 10:14:21
Nosotros hablamos en espanol?

107 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/03(火) 11:22:26
No Spanish please.

108 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/03(火) 11:42:40
Will you are able to drive a car?

109 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/04(水) 02:48:38
My English is very bad.
But try writing to this board.

Will,very cold today.

110 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/04(水) 03:41:56
Despite my dedication and hard work, I got fired.
I never expected this would happen to me.

Now that I'm jobless, I have a lot of time to masturbate...

111 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/04(水) 18:03:08
hola! que tal?
yo hablo un poco de espanol.
no hablas ingles?

112 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/04(水) 18:20:50
did u got fired?!
thats sooo unfortunate.. i feel sorry for u...
just shake it off and wash ur hands then get over it!

please dont mess urself. dont lose heart and mind.
hope u take good care for urself.

113 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/05(木) 03:25:33
Can this be translated to English?

114 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/05(木) 06:51:09
No, yo hablo ingles. Mi espanol es malo igualmente, jajaja. Es divertida confusa los Japones.

115 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/05(木) 08:00:42
Idiot -> English translators don't exist!

116 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/05(木) 19:36:57
Anyone using an SRS here? It worked wonders for me. I just stumbled on a funny well-intended post
on Japanese learners' forum. Take a look at it if you have time.
Well, you have plenty of spare time on your hands because that's why you're here, right?



117 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 04:05:00
Hey Faggots,

My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures.
You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy?
I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level.
This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect.
I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team.
What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"?
I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash).
You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves.
Thanks for listening.

118 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 07:35:53


119 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 07:43:42
Your resistance only makes m..., wait. You're >>117, aren't you?

120 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 08:05:41
no im not 117, u moron

117 is still funny even though ive seen it many times in 4chan.

121 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 08:14:00
Your resistance only makes my penis HARDER!

122 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 08:14:52
hm you saw it on 4chan many many times, but it still makes you chuckle?
i'm afraid you're having some serious neurological prob in your head
seek professional help before it's too late it's good not to be insane really

123 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 08:21:44
im really sorry,i meant no offense.

but thanks for your advice
ill do it.

124 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 08:38:35
there there never mind
its not like i was offended by that
come here lil girl ill walk you home

125 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/06(金) 11:40:11
Sex reassignment surgery? Ha ha!

I use anki

126 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 07:03:05
ITT: Gaijinfags conversing in English.

127 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 07:52:47
fags aren't as random cause they're too effeminate to behave randomly
you know what? their "acting" there allegedly "true" gender, which it is not
you cant act a random guy as well as real retards like us

128 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 10:37:54
little boy

129 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 13:01:18
is a lot more delicious
than lolis

-English haiku

130 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 15:49:46
Well I certainly hope the people in this thread are all gaijins, or else Japanese people are learning to speak like 4chan faggots instead of learning how normal people converse...

131 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/07(土) 20:39:43
They're acting their allegedly true gender, ...

132 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/08(日) 05:00:10
You're thinking too much. We can talk like your average American/Briton/Australian/whatever.
It's not like we're too stupid to realize people don't talk normally when dabbling in the cesspit.

You behave stupidly over there, and we do too in here.


133 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/09(月) 18:33:28
Hello, I haven't been here in a long time, am I doing everything correctly?

134 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/10(火) 16:08:36


135 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/12(木) 00:53:07
bump sage age

136 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 01:47:58
I don't know weather I can write on here now, so let me try this post.

137 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 04:58:00
Get out of here while you can. It's dangerous for an innocent loli like you to be here.
I'll walk you home.

138 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 09:25:10
             ,. - ─── - 、
             /    ,       `ヽ.
            /〃//,. ,ィl/|l ト、 !、 、  ヽ
          ー'´| | l |1 | !l. l| ! | l.|ヽ ! !、 ',   
             YレV!ヒエ「! |l.「_ト!Ll」| l l  l   But I cannot find the way home.
           ! lハイJ |  ´|_jヽ. リ,! ! l. l |
             |l |l.} ー ,   L _,ハl.lトl l. | l
             |l ilト、   n  ''  ,1l|ィ| |l l |
           _ 二,ニ^tュ--ェ_t1」l.|l !リ|_lノ
       r7´   f r┐| 〔/ミヽ>,-、 ̄´
       Y       ー个‐'t  ハ-、_'ゝ、
        ヽ ._・ rく ̄ヽト-'丿  ヽ l
        / (・__,)ゝi┬'´ハ`     '`|
          |ヽ, イ   ノ┴くヽヽ、    /
        `´ ゝ┬ヘ`ヽ   |  `ー‐1
           ゝノ-‐^ー'一''丶  ヽ ヽ
           ト、_       `ーァ'¨不ヽ

139 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 12:00:08
I've been looking for you everywhere! Come here, good girl. I'll walk you home.

140 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 16:18:20
eigo de kakitai kedo kakikataga wakaranai.

141 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/14(土) 18:47:00
Hey where is everyone.(as if i knew anyone here...)
it is quiet on this thread so let me liven it up a bit:

this is a song, today, I dedicate it to this thread
(not the people who write here cause they don't seem to exist)
I don't think there are any Japanese people on this thread anyway.
They are all foreigners.


142 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/15(日) 00:08:32
Here I am darling.
Will you marry me?
I want to kiss your penis.

143 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/15(日) 03:01:25
>142 i don't have one.

144 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/15(日) 16:21:15
Do you like one? If so, I'd like you to try my one.
I have a good one whose shape looks like a mushroom called Matsutake and its umbrella
is wide open.
Sadly to say, my one has rarely been used properly so far, I know how to use it, though.

145 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 00:16:13
I dont feel like writing here when I see messages like this.
There must be an army of people like you on these threads,
however it would be a friendlier thread if body parts
are not the focus of our dialogue.

Funny enough there is Kame video, with the same song,
and it refers to the same kind of mushroom ( i think
if i hear correctly)


146 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 00:30:39
I was gay

147 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 01:55:38
How come we like talking about body parts?
( I know there are some people who hate talking about such things, most of them are womaen!)
Because there are body parts there! You see?
Talking about body parts is equivalent to talking about what our lives are like.
You never know!

148 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 02:11:52
tired that apply myself to study about caledge's exemination

149 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 02:35:29
Of course humans talk about body parts, it depends in what context,
however here is not the place for that kind of intimacy.
Talking about it here will make you feel even more lonely.
What you need is real face to face human relationships.

150 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 03:07:19
It was reasonable, but my thoughts were different.

151 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 04:50:27
             ,. - ─── - 、
             /    ,       `ヽ.
            /〃//,. ,ィl/|l ト、 !、 、  ヽ
          ー'´| | l |1 | !l. l| ! | l.|ヽ ! !、 ',   
             YレV!ヒエ「! |l.「_ト!Ll」| l l  l   Why are adults always talking about such boring things?
           ! lハイJ |  ´|_jヽ. リ,! ! l. l |
             |l |l.} ー ,   L _,ハl.lトl l. | l
             |l ilト、   n  ''  ,1l|ィ| |l l |
           _ 二,ニ^tュ--ェ_t1」l.|l !リ|_lノ
       r7´   f r┐| 〔/ミヽ>,-、 ̄´
       Y       ー个‐'t  ハ-、_'ゝ、
        ヽ ._・ rく ̄ヽト-'丿  ヽ l
        / (・__,)ゝi┬'´ハ`     '`|
          |ヽ, イ   ノ┴くヽヽ、    /
        `´ ゝ┬ヘ`ヽ   |  `ー‐1
           ゝノ-‐^ー'一''丶  ヽ ヽ
           ト、_       `ーァ'¨不ヽ

152 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 05:46:41
because they live by rules

153 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 07:22:40
I am a hade i would like to suck your penis

154 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 08:49:49
tits, or GTFO

155 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 08:50:40
STFU Honda, you were useless in the last match.

156 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 12:39:48
Whatever you say, it's a fact of life that here is the same kind of place as the walls of a toilet
covered with a lot of graffiti.
So you'd better start from accepting the fact and not take things seriously cuz graffiti is none other than graffiti.

157 :156:2009/11/16(月) 14:34:59
May be I made a grammatical mistake.
here is a place of the same kind as....

158 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 18:26:48
Come here. I can tell you why. It's not boring if you know what it feels like.

159 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 20:13:57
If this is the case, I must not write here again.
For a while I enjoyed talking to people like esp. fish-san.
Thank you all for the translations, songs and many more things.
Take care and much love to you!

160 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 21:15:21
(´-`).。oO(Good riddance...)

161 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 22:29:39
See, that's why I don't like women. Women are always like this.
It's not my fault! Don't blame me for that!

Koremiyogashi ni wakareno aisatsu nankansiyagatte!

162 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/16(月) 22:31:19
Men are pigs! That's what they say....

163 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 02:20:22
bored people are boring people. you are bored out of your wits and taking your anger on
anyone who is not in your frame of mind. you cannot handle the demands of this life and so
become introverted and insular. You only let in people who feel as low as you do.

Not weveryone feels that way, so it is you who lose out on communicating with people
from different domains.

just an analysis. take it with a pinch of salt.

164 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 02:30:14
i think you guys need to learn social skills.
blaming your own inadequacy on others (women or whatever you happen to hate)
is running away from your attitude problems.
just learn to respect yourselves and others, you will be fine.
it doesnt cost you anything to be polite, it is only natural.

165 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 02:52:18
A guy faking a androphobic girl is posting as a gynophobic loser.
You should know better than to be a pathetic fag, you xenophobic japaneze!

Today's key word is "-phobic." This is a suffix that describes something relating
to a strong, irrational fear or hatred of people or things of a particular kind.

Don't miss the next 2ch English Class!
Happy learning!

This program was brought to you by ggrks.

166 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 03:00:12
I don't mean to dwell on the previous topic but you're right.
That's matsutake. It's just a kind of mushroom but it costs ridiculously
much in Japan just because of the smell it gives off.

The smell is said to be vomiting on Western people's standard so appreciating
Matsutake is unique to Japan's cuisine culture. It doesn't smell as bad as
Natto. Actually, I think it smells good but the price tag of matsutake is ridiculously
high. I wonder why western people think the smell of matsutake is bad.

167 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 03:08:57
truffle might have the same status as Matsutake in that it is also just a
mushroom and costs much. I've never eaten truffle so I don't know what it tastes like.
I don't think I'll have any oportunities to eat such luxuary foods.
I won't have a chance to go to fancy French restaurant in the future.

Enough of Matsutake and truffle. They are just mushrooms. I'd spend money on
something nutritious rather than mushrooms.

168 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 03:42:27
To make things straight, I have eaten Matsutake and my point is it's ridiculous to
pay much money for a mushroom. Never eaten truffles. I've eaten matsutake because my parents
have been given it by their friends. It's like a status symbol to eat Matsutake and I think
it's ridiculous because it's just a mushroom.

You see sliced matsutake pieces in bento lunch sold at convenience stores but they aren't produced in
Japan but in Korea or China. Matsutake grown there has less or no scents so they aren't expensive.

Convenience stores here add artificial flavor of matsutake to Korean or China matsutake in bento lunch
to make it smell as much as Matsutake produced in Japan.
If sliced matsutake pieces in bento lunch box sold at convenience store are from Japan,
you can't buy the bento as cheap as at around 600 yen or so.

169 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 03:46:01
Didn't you just say "goodbye " at >>159?

170 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 03:54:40
Anybody can change their minds. Not sure if they are the same person though. Don't be too serious about posts in 2chan in the first place.
2chan is mixed with lies and truth, if you don't have an eye to see through which
is misinformation and which is truth, you can't take the most advantages of online forums like 2ch.
That's what 2chan's founder once said in his interview with mass media.
You have to inscribe his words in your heart or else, you'll find yourself driven in the corner in no time.

171 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 04:06:36
See kids, this is basic comedy/irony: A person preaching
"Don't be too serious about posts in 2chan in the first place."
so seriously. Take notes, you will be tested on this subject.

172 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 04:21:29
Ok, you are the king.

173 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 04:23:04
you guys post messages here to improve your English or just to
kill time?
I just took a quite look of this thread and suggest that if you want to
improve your English, you should not come here,
most of English written here is not so bad but
obviously we can tell its not a natives' writing.
so better not to hang around here, really.
go to another English forum run by native English speakers.

or read English books. that would help you improve your English.

174 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 06:50:36
I'm curious what makes you write this post.
Did I (or others) say I am here to improve my english?

175 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 07:23:50
Minasan, of course being the human I am, i returned the read the messages.

I was expecting a great big equivalent of F**k o** but, was surprised to see
detailed messages about the matsutake mushroom. I read the bit about how it
is being a luxury food, and not being able to afford it. The message moved
my heart. When I get rich, I will come to Japan and treat
you guys to matsutake mushroom dishes. In return you will sing Karaoke with me!

How about that now.

PS: Being the silly human I am, I wanted you to say, don't go! in my heart of hearts.
But in reality was expecting you to tell me off badly! Thank you for changing the
atmosphere to a more freindly one.

176 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 07:28:10
Fuck off. Seriously.

177 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 07:34:57
I will not, because I am mentally prepared that you would say that.
Take that, weakling.

178 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 07:35:58
Instead I will exorcise this thread with a storm:


179 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 08:42:57
A drama-queen will never leave her stage.
Everything has to be soooo dramatic, she even writes a goodbye note on an
anonymous forum. It doesn't even cross her mind that NOONE GIVES A SHIT.

And of course her boardicide didn't even last 12hours.
She cared sooooo much how people would react (on an anonymous forum mind you),
whether it be positive or negative. Again, it doesn't even cross her
mind that NOONE GIVES A SHIT. Egocentric people are like that.

Oh noes! Now she MUST defend herself on an anonymous forum!
Rational thought doesn't matter, her bloated ego demands it.

180 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 08:59:27
>>179 i just had natto on toast. but the beans did not defrost
well on the inside.

It frothed up nicely. I poured in the soya sachet contents.
It was half frozen.

I squeezed in the mustard. It kind of spurted in bits. It tasted good.

181 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 11:12:31
Totally agree.典型的なメンヘラだよね。

>And of course her boardicide didn't even last 12hours.


182 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 11:14:07
As a Japanese I hope this thread won't become a place only for Japanese English
learners. I hope this thread keeps being a place for people from around the world
regardless of what their mother tongue is as long as they can communicate in English.

I bet that's a song from a J-drama. I bet the song itself isn't brand new.

183 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 12:09:36
The hottest news in Japan now is the arrest of Mr. Ichihashi. He killed a British woman in 2007 and
when cops visited his apartment, he ran away bare foot and since then, he had been running away
for as long as two years until he was arrested about a week ago.

He underwent a few cosmetic sergery to change his face. About a month ago, his new face after underwenting surgeries
was made public. The new photo was a key that led to his arrest. His father is a doctor and mom is a dentist. He went to
good university but its said that he had inferior complex not being able to be a doctor.
After he graduated from university, he didn't get a job and lived alone in an apartment whose rent his parents paied.
That's where he allegedly killed her and left her body in a bathtub in veranda with her dead body covered with sand.
He is from a wealth family as you can guess.

He got to know the victim by approaching her asking her to be his English teacher. He hasn't said anything to the police
about what happened between him and her so no detailed information has been revealed. He neither has eaten anything after detention nor
said anything about the murder.

184 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 12:14:41
Horrible thing is that some girls say he's cool and there seem to be fan girls of
the suspect even if he is a murderer.

185 :Josh:2009/11/17(火) 15:39:47
Hey japs
chin chon chin! hahahahahha chin chong ching
asians are creepy fuck offff!!!!!!!

186 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 15:41:15
Yeah, WHen I saw a picture of Ichihashi after plastc surgery, he seemed like a person in Yayoi period so I laghed but he became cool now

187 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 19:11:55
>>178 no sir the song is not from a drama, it is heavy rock if you
would bother to watch it.

Itis by a fave band of mine, Luna Sea, who were active in the 90s.

Just because I listen to Kat-tun and watch drama doesnt stop
me listening to rock and metal. I am not an average Jani otaku.

i am surprised the resident troll no >>179 doesnt reply to my natto experiences >>180
and tries so hard to pickup a fight. eat more natto i say.

188 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 19:33:02
>>183 i wouldn't mind being asked to be a private teacher by a
vampire bishounen.

189 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 20:00:16
I wouldn't call Luna Sea's music heavy rock. It's a mixture of pop and
rock. The drummer of the band is on ugly side but his character is nice and
friendly. When he got married with a member of "Morning musume," I thought the
girl's standard of choosing a husband isn't how they look outside but his
inner side. You don't have to look like a Johnny's boy to get married with a
beautiful woman although the drummer's case might be an exception.

190 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 20:16:03
> a person in Yayoi piriod
It's so funny!!!

191 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 20:36:25
Uh, take a good look around. What site are you on? What board are you on?
Why is it that 99.99% of the posts on this site and this "English board" in Japanese?

Here's the board premise:
□ English板は、英語に関する情報交換と学問的な議論の場所です。

Now why isn't that in English? Here's why: This site and this board is
generally for Japanese people. Of course anyone from any ethnicity is
free to post, but you should know and at least respect that premise.

This thread is mainly for Japanese people to practice posting in English.
Not necessarily "learning English", but a place to post whatever,
be it "penis, vagina, shit, fuck" without being corrected or
mocked or laughed at for their lack of English abilities.

I have a hard time understanding why non-Japanese people come here.
And they seem to stay. It shouldn't really be a problem, variety
is a good thing and mixing with native speakers can be benefitial.

But please do keep in mind that it's generally a practice field
for the Japanese, not a place for weaboos to feel closer to Japan.
There are other sites and communities for that, but not so much for
Japanese people to dribble on in their poor English without feeling ashamed.

192 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 21:32:51
>>191 I don't undrestand your need for exclusivity on an open thread.
We are using English language to communicate, that is what matters.
The topic could be anything, so long as we practice in English.
Why do you feel so defensive about people who like Japanese food, music etc.
Do you feel they are stealing your identity? Do you feel they might change you?
I cannot understand why you are thretened by people like me.
Do you feel that if we get close and undrestand each other, it might be dangerous?
Is this a WWII rooted emotion?

193 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 21:37:41
I can speak to people of any nation who struggle with their English.
There are ways of communicating with people despite their langauge problems,
it is not all black and white. I learn a lot more from people with language
difficulties than people who speak fluently. In the process i notice I bond well with
such people, simply beacuse it is an exchange of effort and understanding on both sides.

I see no harm in such human dialogues, unless you have deep rooted fears of course
(which I also can understand).

194 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 21:42:13
on hindsight i think i understand what you mean. I should have been posting more about
life in Europe . Asking questions about Japan may feel like an interrogation to Japanese.
I will be more balanced with my posts from now on.

195 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 21:49:08
This really impressed me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRY-MLH763A

haha thank you for warossing.

196 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 22:47:03

197 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/17(火) 23:51:31
I'd rather watch Janet Jackson in Super Bowl Half time show than Michael Jackson.
I miss her boobs "accidentally" exposed to the people on the spot as well as
in front of TV.

198 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 00:41:54
>But please do keep in mind that it's generally a practice field
for the Japanese, not a place for weaboos to feel closer to Japan.

you say "practise "right? practise---to exercise oneself by repeated performance in order to ACQUIRE SKILL)
This is not an ideal place to practise your English.
you guys English is not bad, just need a bit more polishing. that's why I suggested you
to join Native English speakers forum,so that you would not be a "ino nakano kawazu".

well... best of luck!

199 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 00:48:32
What forum do you suggest?
4chan is out of the question and there are no forums equivalant to 2chan.
Maybe Digg is a good place.

200 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 01:23:52
I got 200. Would you give me a shower of kisses?
Only girls, please.

201 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 02:15:41
I'm not >>198, but I think any forums are ok as long as you have interest.
If you like baseball, MLB forums would be nice.
If you're an anime geek, English forums for anime lovers would work.

I personally frequent Mac Rumors because I'm kind of a mac fanboy.

If you're a total loser who has no interest in anything, you can still go to Japanese learners' forums.
The dumbest native Japanese speaker is still of help over there.
Actually it's quite useful to know what kind of thing non-native Japanese speakers get tripped up by.
If they find a grammar point difficult, usually it's the point where Japanese and English are fundamentally different.

Anyway, if you're anything like me, it never works if you go to forums that should be good for your English but you don't like very much.

Get addicted and have fun!

202 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 03:43:33
>>200 i wont kiss you, but will offer my ramen.

203 :help me:2009/11/18(水) 04:35:03
I want to alive as global citizen rather than Japanese.
whrere shuld I live in ????

204 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 04:53:21
A Japanese person can be a "global citizen" you speak of too.
You might want to think about what you actually mean by "global" again.

Also, your English sucks. I'm not saying you need English or anything,
but if you're planning on using English as an international auxiliary language to be a more "global" person,
I think you've got a long way to go.

205 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 04:59:52

206 :オレンです宜しく! :D:2009/11/18(水) 05:14:46
Hey よろしく。
「練習、練習、練習、練習は必要! いっぱい練習したら、きっと色んな新しいものを分かっちゃいますからね。」

207 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 07:32:59
Hi, Oren.

Welcome to the cesspool on the Japanese internet. As much as we want to believe we're not perverts, we know we are.
Thanks for your kind comment though.

So, how long have you been learning Japanese and English if I may ask?
You seem to know lots of words and grammar and can write in decent Japanese.

Anyway, if you're posting here to practice your Japanese, let us know if you'd like us to correct errors.
I think you can ask any questions about Japan and the Japanese language here too.

208 :help me:2009/11/18(水) 08:18:46
Year、I need English as our common language.

I appleciate you. I will polish myself.. through long way to learn.

But wait,since I've started to learn English I got to notice my eye color change
dark brown to brown →dark green →now, my eye rim is dark navy !!!!
I use English more over, my eye color got to change more more over!!
I can only speak English simply, not skillfully...

why???? the eye color will changes for language????
people tell me "your eye color doesn't look like japanese"


209 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 08:55:37
Thank you for your response. You've got a point there.
I think I'm a loser, so forums for Japanese language learners must be good
although I'm not so interested in what kind of troubles they face on the course of
studying Japanese. Peace.

210 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 09:01:45
Go see a shrink. Just tell him the story you just said. You'll thank me later.

As for your English, don't use words or phrases you don't know well.
Don't translate. Don't generalize any kind of rule. Mimic native speakers.

You'll sound like a native speaker when your phrase inventory becomes large enough to handle any situations you come across.
As your natural-sounding phrase/sentence vocabulary improves, you'll start forgetting which language you're speaking.

211 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 09:08:18
Why are you learning English then?

If you have absolutely zero interest in any kind of activity other than leaning language,
how about visiting foreign language learning forums?

212 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 09:34:59
>>203 of course you should learn to live in the internet.
Have you watched Dennou Coil? All you need is the augmented
reality visors.

I am from the internet. Global people travel all over the
globe but are limited by lack of language skills,
cultural barriers etc. However citizens of the net travel the
cyberspace and explore the frontiers of man-man and man-
machine communication. Human communication does not have boundaries.
Language learning is fun when you learn to communicate as a human being.
All you need is tolerant and patient communicators. Communication
comes first, language follows communication.

The Yakuza on this board go around this thread
with virtual baseball bats are trying to scare people like me to leave.
They also torture fellow Japanse citizens for not speaking perfect
English (which is a terrible blow to their confidence)
They tell us gaijins not to feel close to Japan or Japanese people,
they love to label us weeaboos,drama queens, Jani otakus,
trolls whatever, But we persist.

Your English is OK, do not believe anyone telling you off, continue to
practise. Just try to write here as much as you want,
and you will get better and better.

213 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 10:55:52
>Your English is OK, do not believe anyone telling you off, continue to
>practise. Just try to write here as much as you want,
>and you will get better and better.

No. You can't magically conjure up the unknown by practice.
Practice makes perfect? It's a myth. It works only when you know what you're doing.

Let's say, you know how to throw a curveball and how it should travel, but you just can't nail it.
Would practice work? Of course, yes. You try to throw it properly 10,000 times and you'll be a master of curveball.

Now there is a guy who doesn't know how to speak English. He doesn't know what English should sound like.
Do you think writing practice makes perfect?

Practice can move your passive vocabulary to your active knowledge.
But it doesn't teach you anything unless you get feedback.

214 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 12:16:09
The earth is globular

215 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 12:53:47
You totally missed my point.

>But please do keep in mind that it's generally a practice field
>for the Japanese, not a place for weaboos to feel closer to Japan.
>There are other sites and communities for that, but not so much for
>Japanese people to dribble on in their poor English without feeling ashamed.

How can you take that as the Japanese being threatened by you?
I explained why this thread is rare for Japanese people.
Why is it that you "dwell" here and not other sites about Japan?
Of course you're free to, don't get me wrong.

I just don't understand why people will go to a little league place
and start playing there. What do you think that will result in?
I think that results in a fair number of little leagures not wanting
to play there because of the "intruders" (for lack of a better word).
Think about it.

216 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 12:55:54
What you say applies for this:

>This thread is mainly for Japanese people to practice posting in English.

But you totally missed, or intentionally ignored this:

>Not necessarily "learning English", but a place to post whatever,
>be it "penis, vagina, shit, fuck" without being corrected or
>mocked or laughed at for their lack of English abilities.

217 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 12:56:27
What do Japanese people think of 4chan?
Do any of you browse it?
Just curious.

218 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 13:26:22
Used to troll a few boards over there.

Night time /a/ was good, /b/ was too immature and stupid, and /v/ was boring.
Other boards move too slow. Not sure what they're like now.

219 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 14:12:41
thank you

220 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 14:21:10
I don't think Japanese ppl know or even heard about it.
I hadn't until I read someone mentioning 4chan here in this thread.

221 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 14:25:28
If you speak English and watch some anime and stuff, you probably know what 4chan is though.

222 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 18:05:08
>>213 you have such a negative attitude about language learning, it is baffling.
I guess it must be your conditioning. Actually it is annoying too.

What do you mean practising is useless??
I have had many a friend and colleague who had very little knowledge
of English and when they befriended me, they never stopped listening
to their broken English and kept encouraging them that they are doing
fine, keep talking, keep writing,converse with confidence, and they
did,... as a result their English has improved enormously.

These people are : from France, Italy, Russia, China. I told them to
stop saying "my English is so bad", I kept telling the reverse, while
stretching them. With patience and good dialogue, their learning curve
accelerated (shall i say exploded). Now I built a reputation for
being a patient and good listener, these people send their students and
subordinates to improve their English to me (a non-native speaker of English!).

223 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 18:06:21
I never stopped listening to their English...


224 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/18(水) 18:31:56
>>215 I do not understand how you could relate the non-native English
speaking Japan fans to the lack of language development of your
fellow countrymen. It doesnt make sense! (1)Not many native speakers
of English would bother to write here (2) you have no way of policing this
thread, you cannot make it a pure native English- Japanese learner thread
(3) Bullying "weeaboos" make you look bad and creates an unfriendly atmosphere
Just because you detest them doesn't mean they are creating some Japanese
person's language problem!
(4)You are way too strict regarding language learning. Learning is an individual
act that evolves in a social sphere. How the skill is acquired is person dependent.
It is a subconscious development that can be carried out consciously. But sometimes
the conscious instructions can interfere with the more fluid, natural development.
Language is something you "let flow" rather than "forcefully learn".

225 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 01:40:36
This is one of the human body wonders.
You grip your any of your finger and rub it then nothing happens.
But you grip your penis and rub it then you feel really gooooooooooooood.
That's amazing, isn't it? Don't take that for granted. Grip whichever body parts of yours and
rub it. Nothing happenes. But when it comes to doing the same thing to your penis,
you'll feel realll good.

I'd call it the humanbody wonder.

226 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 01:55:10
Good analogy on the little league. I myself am not japanese, but agree with you.
But Im afraid people who dont get it just wont get it.
We see it in real life, the gaikokujin who come to japan thinking they know more about japan
and the manners there than other gaikokujin, or even more than the japanese themselves.
They get ostracized, and then make a scene of how theyve done nothing wrong. They blame everybody
but themselves, calling others xenophobic or racist and still refuse to leave when asked politely.
They dont care that theyre giving other gaikokujin a bad name.
I see the same thing happening here. They just dont get it.

227 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 02:22:21

Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino on Japanese TV show as a part of their new
movie's promotion.

228 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 03:36:24
>>215 you are completely out of line with what is being said. We are
referring to people who are learning English here right on this
internet thread. The debate is about why and how this thread should
be open only to (1)Japanese people learning English, and (2)
the native speakers of English. It has nothing to do with
foreigners living in Japan, this thread is NOT Japan,
it is in cyberspace.
You are completely confusing countries with cyberspace.
I guess it is some sort of location based identity
disorientation. Good luck for surviving in Japan.
Maybe you should not live there if you are already
blaming the "other"foreigners for your own problems.
You sound pathetic.

229 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 03:38:04
>>228 should have said

>>226 not >>215

pathetic referring system

230 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 03:41:19
this whole "intruders" thing in an open thread smacks of pure
insecurity. it is so annoying to have someone constantly whining about
gaijins in Japan, why dont you start an English thread for gaijin haters
and leave this thread some breathing space.

231 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 04:12:30

232 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 05:09:09
>>231 if you are a moderator then remove the "weeaboos from all over the world"
bit from the greetings section. dont make them feel welcome from the start
and they will disappear.

233 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 06:26:07
I love gaijin.<3

234 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 06:49:04
Looks like someone overstayed their welcome.

235 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 06:52:53
i told you to introduce a visa system. this is what happens
when you have an open thread let the riff raff gaijins in.
oh sorry that contradicts with
the spirit of the internet, my bad.

236 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 06:59:29
Everybody can stay here as long as they want.
Let's talk about nonsense and have lots of fun!
For starters, I'll dance naked, dangling my bats and balls.

 ♪  A
   ♪   / \   ランタ タン
      ヽ(´Д`;)ノ   ランタ タン
         (  へ)    ランタ ランタ
          く       タン

237 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 07:00:51
OOPs I only have one bat just in case you're wondering.

238 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 07:10:02
>>233 is Ichihashi

239 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 09:10:48
lol clueless bitch is clueless.
It's pretty obvious it's not an anti-gaijin thing, it's an anti-bitch thing.
Can't stomach the fact that noone likes you here eh?

Here's a clue since you're so clueless.
Noone at an anonymous forum cares about individuality. People are
rather against it. Noone cares about your experiences, what you saw
or what you ate, or how fascinated you felt by sticking tofu up your ass.
Talk about more generic things, and noone should have a problem.

240 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 10:12:42

The mutual goal: Chill the fuck out, stop acting like a total noob and ignore each other.

That's the way 2ch works most of the time.

241 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 10:43:59
I'd love to hear about tofu up ones ass.
Only if there are pics to prove it though.

242 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 11:02:19
Not revealing individuality leads to dry atmosphere and that's not interesting.
If you want to reveal some individuality, that's more than welcome.
You have to be careful not to be indentified, though.

I want to know more personal matters from posters here even if it's anonymous board here.
>>240 might be the best policy to take the full advantage of 2chan. Not sure, though.

243 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 11:12:51
Does anyone need anything translated into English?

244 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 11:30:48
No, people hate jibungatari on 2ch.
If you want that stuff go to mixi.

245 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 11:56:37
I might read and reply,

or I might just ignore it. That's it.

246 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 11:59:05
It doesn't hurt adding a personal touch in a post even in 2chan.

247 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 18:23:50
Part of you says individuality is no good
Others say individuality is welcome
I thought part of 2ch strengths was
it is open so people can say whatever they like.
Isnt that true?

248 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 18:31:20
>>239 You are complaining like an senile old man. Shut up and practise
what you preach!

249 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 22:40:05
One way to mask the moronity of posting personal stuff is to add a question to it so others can respond easily.
It's one of the most basic communication skills and it works here, too.
You have to expect some flaming anyway though, since this is 2ch.

Either way, don't take it too personal, just enjoy it. It's only 2ch.

250 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/19(木) 23:23:18
>>249 Do you always wait for someone to pose a question to be able to
engage in a dialogue?
That is beyond pathetic.

251 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 00:03:53
Ha ha ha, I was only suggesting one option to avoid coming off as an attention whore while being one.

It's a technque to fit in. You know what I mean?

252 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 00:13:25
>>251 i understand what you mean.
But I do not understand this "phobia" of being labelled an attention
whore, drama queen etc. nor have any fear of being perceived that
way. You guys seem very frightened by that label.
. I am very happy to write as I feel.

Why are you so worried about what others think? this is just
a thread.

Could it be the concept of the "nail sticking out gets hammered"?
please help me understand.

253 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 03:00:24
>Why are you so worried about what others think?

Is this a joke? You seem to be the one who cares about what others think the most.
"Oh I'm leaving...Oh I thought people were going to say bad things about me
but I was also hoping people would say they wanted me to stay..."

254 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 03:39:16
>>253 What a shallow, superficial understanding of others.
My hoping that people wanting me to stay has nothing to do with my
views on how you perceive me. Those who try to pigeon hole me get
a whack on the head.

I am pointing out to your insecurities, not mine.

I wonder if you are a computer programme. You are incredibly
negative and cold hearted.

255 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 04:08:34
Kabuki actor and female news anchor announced today they'd engage in the near future.
They met for the first time when the anchor interviewed him last December.

From 2:21

She's soooooooooooo beautiful and I envies him. He has gone out with lots of
beautiful women in show business.

256 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 05:35:27
Why do you have to be so defensive and fight fight fight?
You seem mentally unstable and insecure. There's no need for drama.

257 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 05:51:50
>>256 fsssst


258 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 08:30:10
Please don't touch crazy person.

259 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 09:42:20
same deranged troll

260 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/20(金) 10:12:43

261 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 00:11:27

I'm amazed with her ass movement.
I want her to press her butt on my face hard and I want to suffocate to death.

262 :firestar:2009/11/21(土) 11:05:22
  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

263 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 11:11:59
What's the thing you have in your left hand?

264 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 12:41:16
That's '9', as you see. I didn' know firestar knew touhou.

265 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 12:45:21
Hello,Is there any Shotahcons here?
I am one of them.

266 :firestar:2009/11/21(土) 13:32:30
touhou is quite popular on 4chan.
every 4chan board has touhou posts/threads, even though touhou is off-topic in some of the boards.

267 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 13:49:41
how gay

268 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:02:16
Why american people always posting 'gay' to the everyYoutube videos?
thats so silly

269 :firestar:2009/11/21(土) 14:22:39
i guess they do not like the video

270 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:27:26
yeah but they are so rude
if they don't think the video is not interesting, they don't have to post something..
I'm tired to see many posts saying 'gay' to many randome videos and cute little boy's video too.

and they posts ching chong chin to japanese little boy's video.

271 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:29:40
Is that so?

272 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:35:31
yeah.I was shocked!

273 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:37:39
This is great, a pedophile preaching manners.

274 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 14:38:03
Yeah, that's so gay.

275 :firestar:2009/11/21(土) 14:45:10

276 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:02:56

277 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:06:09
Ass is the most popular word in the world. Everybody has an ass hole to make love so we can make some friends easily just saying ASS.

278 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:15:17
There's no word like 'fuck you'in japanese language
so plz don't ask for it

279 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:26:02
Every Japanese has an ass, right?

280 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:47:48
Last I checked, I don't have one. I don't shit. I'm always pristine clean unlike you.

281 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 15:50:46
But you are one.

282 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:08:26
You are an one-celled parasite in 2chan.

283 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:17:45
2ch is not "2chan", you fucking piece of shit.

284 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:19:01
what do u want EVERY night,honey?

285 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:29:13
Japanese people often call beloved someone attaching "chan".
2chan is better tone than 2ch.

286 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:35:35
2chan is the domain name for Futaba, so it's a bit confusing, actually.

287 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:37:03
2chan is Futaba, the site 4chan ripped off.
It's not a part of 2ch.

288 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:41:59
I want to call this site 2chan even if its accurate name is 2ch.
You can call me fucking piece of shit.

289 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 16:53:22
Please leave.

290 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 17:57:08

291 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 18:54:26
Where is the exit?

292 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 18:56:20
Please point the exit with your dick.

293 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 19:13:00
                  ノ      } ゙l、   」′           .,/′   .,ノ _,,y
    .,v─ーv_         〕      〕 .|  .il゙            《 ._   .,,l(ノ^ノ
   ,i(厂  _,,,从vy      .,i「      .》;ト-v,|l′          _,ノ゙|.ミ,.゙'=,/┴y/
   l  ,zll^゙″  ゙ミ    .ノ       .il|′アll!           .>‐〕 \ _><
   《 il|′     フーv,_ .,i″       ||}ーvrリ、             ¨'‐.`   {
    \《 ヽ     .゙li ._¨''ーv,,_     .》′  ゙゙ミ| ,r′                }
      \ ,゙r_    lア'    .゙⌒>-vzト    .ミノ′                 〕
       .゙'=ミ:┐  .「      ./ .^〃     :、_ リ                   .}
         ゙\ア'   .--  ,,ノ|    、    ゙ミ}                   :ト
           ゙^ー、,,,¨ -   ''¨.─   :!.,   リ                   ノ
              〔^ー-v、,,,_,:     i゙「   }                  .,l゙
              l!     .´゙フ'ーv .,y    ]                  '゙ミ
              |     ,/゙ .ミ;.´.‐    .]                   ミ,
              |     ノ′ ヽ      〔                   ミ
              }    }     ′    }                   {
              .|    .ミ     .<     〔                    〕
              .{     \,_   _》、    .{                    .}
              {      ¨^^¨′¨'ー-v-r《                    〔

294 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/21(土) 19:19:19
Good work!
You don't need the index finger to show the way.

295 :あぼーん:あぼーん

296 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 11:55:34
I'm an English learner, but most of others not.

297 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 13:17:59
In my opinion, you are...
full of shit.


298 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 14:32:41
I don't think anyone is asking your opinion.
My opinion is always better than yours.
I'm always right, and you're always wrong.

299 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 16:59:45
Yes, it sadly seems so.

300 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 17:26:40
I'm also an English learner.
I make it a habit to come here to learn English by reading other people's posts.
Sadly to say, there are lots of words and phrases in them whose meanings I don't know.
And what is worse, I don't have an eye for whether thier Englsh expressions are authntic or not, I want to memorize
useful expessions, though.

301 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 17:55:02
And this is a good place for foreigners where they learn Japanese flavors.

302 :firestar:2009/11/22(日) 20:00:48
don't worry, you ain't missing anything.
this place went to shit

303 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 20:08:44
You'd better leave here if you wanna train your English skills.

304 :firestar:2009/11/22(日) 20:11:25

many moons ago people would come here with real english questions, but now it seems this place is mostly for trolls.
rather sad...

305 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 20:33:46
Even if English question was asked more often before, here is a presious
place to talk with English speakers so you have to be on call 24/7.

306 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 20:56:15
I got Russian cute boy in skype.

307 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 21:43:13
I don't care what this place should be, as long as I feel it interesting.
Interesting trolls are better than boring questions.

308 :firestar:2009/11/22(日) 21:47:03
I shall make some fixes.

Even though in the past English questions were asked more often here, this thread is still a presious [precious?] place to talk with English speakers. So you have to be on call 24/7.

I chose to replace 'if' with 'though' because 'if' sounds too hypothetical. You are stating fact, not theory. It is indeed a fact that more English questions were asked here.


>be on call 24/7
are you telling us to be here 24/7? lol

309 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/22(日) 22:51:18
Thanks for the correction. If I remember correctly, I learned at school "even if" and "even though" can be
used interchangably, meaning English teachers at school don't teach the subtle difference
between the two. I doubt teachers themselves know the difference in the nuances they have.
I suspect Japanese exams don't require students to know the difference.
One of the typical questions in an English test would be to change a part of a sentense to mean the same thing.

Say, they give the original sentense that starts with "Even if" and the other sentense they provide starts
with "Even (blank)." Examnees have to fill in the blank with "thoguh" to answer it right.
All students have to do is remember "even though" can be replaced with "even if" and vice versa without
knowing the subtle difference between the two.

I somehow answered correctly the quiz on the page you linked probably
thanks to your explanation and the one on the page.
There's another typical English question where students have to change a
sentense. The question is change a sentence that starts with "I don't know if---."
The correct answer is " I don't know (whether)-----." If I'm not mistaken,
"I don't know whether----" is more formal than the other. Am I right?

Does your explanation regarding "if" with hypothetical nuance applly here, too.
Yes, You guys have to be on call 24/7 here but if you prefer to be here only on the night shift,
that's acceptable. This thread adopts three shifts system. hehe

310 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 01:33:16
Do you want me to take your bag for you., at least?

311 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 01:48:30
>>293 cave paintings are more interesting

that one is too graphic

312 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 02:22:03
i have a question

could you please teach me ho wto make a thread in 2ch

thanks in advance

313 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 05:33:05
No, because it'll only open new doors of faggotory.

314 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 05:42:28
>>313 suit yourself.
next please.

315 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 05:56:49
"Even" is there to add a more stronger sense of "Yeah, yeah. I kind of admit that. But..."

"(Even) if we have a plethora of trolls here, it's better than nothing." means
"We may have tons of retards on the interweb, but I'm a ronery loser and they always alleviate the pain piercing my virgin heart."
In other words, you're emphasize the "may" sense by adding "even."

You can also reword it as "Whether we have tons of trolls doesn't matter. We're better off playing with them."
As you can see, "if" and "whether" is similar in meaning.

While you can't replace "whether" with "if" in the example sentence, the core meaning is pretty much the same.
Actually if it flows well in a sentence, you can swap "whether" and "if" without changing its meaning, e.g.,

"I don't know if I want to be virgin anymore" means "I don't know whether I should pretend to be religious any longer."

You don't need to care about the difference in formality.
People like you will never ever be in a situation where that kind of subtle difference is critical.

"If" = hypothetical is kind of true, but fuck that.

あってると言えばあってるんだけど、その説明は微妙。どっちかつーと、even は if の
特定の意味合いを強めてるというほうが直感的に正しい。で、基本的に if と whether は

lurk moar. Or take a look at the bottom of the front page of each board if you're reading this on some browser like IE.
You'll see 新規スレッド作成画面へ. If you already tried it but failed to start a new thread, give up.

316 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 06:41:03
I'll explain how to do it, taking English board for example.
You see "掲示板に戻る 全部 前100 次100 最新50" right above a comment field, right?
Click on 掲示板に戻る and you'll be taken to http://academy6.2ch.net/english/
That's the top page of English board. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
You see wide pale green lying across from left to right almost at the bottom of the page.
You see an icon, button I should say? there that says "新規スレッド作成画面へ"
Click it, then you'll go to the page in which you are suupposed to fill in
the title of a thread, your name, E-mail address, and message.
The biggest field is where you write a message which becomes the post number one of the
thread you're going to make. You can leave your name and email address fields blank like when you post a comment in
this thread but you have to fill in the title field and message field.
You see "新規スレッド作成" button on the page and click on it.
In my case an error message appears. If an error message doesn't appear
and you procceed like when you post a message in any thread, that means
the first post is successfully done. Check the top page of English board and
see if the new thread you've just created is there on the list of threads.

I think there are no difference in making a thread in other boards but
I heard that in some very popular boards only people who are eligible can make a
new thread. That's because the more people one board draws, the higher risk they
get of trolls making irrelevant threads. So 2chan impose tougher rules
of making a new thread in such popular boards with large traffic.

317 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 08:48:42
>>316 many thanks for the detailed explanation. I will save this message for reference,
when I make my thread, i will let you know so that yo can come along
as a special guest. i will treat you tea and cake.

318 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 09:25:01
we will present you many many cock

319 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 10:46:19
Then we will present you many many mock.

320 :firestar:2009/11/23(月) 11:22:09
the word 'if' is indeed hypothetical.

if i win.
if i jump.
if i pass.

all hypothetical.

321 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 11:45:08

Function: conjunction
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gif; akin to Old High German ibu if
Date: before 12th century

1 a : in the event that b : allowing that c : on the assumption that d : on condition that
2 : whether <asked if the mail had come> <I doubt if I'll pass the course>
3 ―used as a function word to introduce an exclamation expressing a wish <if it would only rain>
4 : even though : although perhaps <an interesting if untenable argument>
5 : and perhaps not even <few if any changes are expected> ―often used with not <difficult if not impossible>
― if anything : on the contrary even : perhaps even <if anything, you ought to apologize>

>the word 'if' is indeed hypothetical.
>all hypothetical.

Hmm. Are you sure about that? Didn't you forget to add "in these cherry-picked examples"?

322 :firestar:2009/11/23(月) 11:55:15
I assure you that all of my examples are hypothetical if. The examples I gave are correct.
You can go and check them on your own time if you do not trust me.

323 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 12:01:05
So is this where all of the faggots from 4chan come and have a massive orgy?

324 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 12:01:56
You're missing the point. I think these examples you gave are all hypothetical too.
The thing is that there is more than that when it comes to "if."

Did you read >>309? He talked about the "even if" = "even though" thing and "if" = "whether" grammar.
Do you really think the usage 2, 4, and some others are also the same hypothetical "if" as the "if"s in your examples?

325 :firestar:2009/11/23(月) 12:59:50
The examples I gave where hypothetical if.
I gave such examples because hypothetical if seemed not to be understood.

'whether' is used for a choice between alternatives.

'whether A or B.' -which one, A or B?
'asked whether the mail had come' -mail had came or mail had not came?

both examples are hypothetical choices, so 'if' can be interchanged, because 'if' can be hypothetical.

326 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 13:36:00
Ah, maybe you're a native English speaker?
Your average English teacher in Japan teaches Usage 4, i.e., the "even though" meaning, as the selfsame "if" as "if"s in your examples.

As the dictionary says, "if" as in "This is an interesting if untenable argument" is quite different,
and this is the "even though" meaning of "if." But teachers don't speak English, so
they just say if can mean "even though," and students tend to use "if" when it sounds too hypothetical.

As I said, your theory is kind of true in the sense that "if" is hypothetical.
But there is a different level of "hypothetical-ness."

327 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 13:46:39
Ah, the last line was kind of ambiguous.
I meant that there are various kinds of "if"s and that some are more "hypothetical" than others.

"If"s in your examples are very straightforward and easy to see it's hypothetical.
"Whether" is also hypothetical, but in a slightly different way.
"Even though"-ish "if" as in "an interesting if untenable argument" may also be hypothetical in a sense.
But it's not as straightforward as the usual hypothetical meaning,
and usually it's used with a different kind of sentence structure.

328 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 14:23:10
you lose

329 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 14:33:38
I'm so happy I don't have any handle names.
Even if it's just a handle name, I have to defend myself to protect my name.
That leads to endless arguments. This is the typical boring question and answer.

330 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/23(月) 23:07:09
Can I borrow 500yen from you guys?

331 :firestar:2009/11/24(火) 00:52:46

332 :firestar:2009/11/24(火) 00:57:39


If and whether are more or less interchangeable in sentences like :
'I'll see if he left an address'
and : I'll see whether he left an address,
although whether is generally regarded as more formal and suitable for written use.

But, although if and whether are often interchangeable,
a distinction worth noting is that if is also used in conditional constructions and whether in expressing an alternative or possibility.

Thus, : 'tell me if you’re going to be in town next week' could be strictly interpreted as 'you need not reply if you are not going to be in town,'
whereas : 'tell me whether you’re going to be in town next week' clearly means 'a reply is desired one way or the other.'

-- source is Dictionary.app

333 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 01:21:30
If you come to my house, I can.
I am waiting for you, though I won't tell you my address.

334 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 01:31:59
Nice try, firestar. But that's not "even though." You're missing the point. Again.
You only proved there are multiple sentences in "if"s, which is what I said in >>326.

The problem he had was that he was taught or believed that "even if" and "even though" were always interchangeable, which is wrong.
And the reason they teach this kind of thing and he had trouble understanding the difference is that
they don't know "if" as "even though" has a different kind of hypothetical sense.

If you still think you're right, prove that "if" in "4 : even though : although perhaps <an interesting if untenable argument>"
has the hypothetical sense to the same degree as the one you used in your examples in >>320,
i.e., 1 a : in the event that b : allowing that c : on the assumption that d : on condition that.

If you can't, you just cherry-picked examples in >>320.

335 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 02:29:51
Stop nagging. Mr. know it all.

336 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 03:13:44
a thread full of pathetic bored virgin oyajis debating endlessly on
things noone cares about.

337 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 03:23:22
I'll go for a swim even though the water is freezing.

I'll go for a swim even if the water is freezing.

I'd go for a swim even if the water were freezing.

338 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 03:36:33
Yep. You can't swap "if" with "though" in your examples.
But some teachers say you can because they think "if" can mean "even though."
This is true in the sense that "if" in "It was an interesting if unbelievable story" actually means "even though."
But of course, "even if"s in your examples are different from "even though."

By the way, the second "if" in your examples has the sense of "whether," i.e., "regardless of whether the water is freezing or not."

339 :firestar:2009/11/24(火) 07:39:49
no longer feeding trolls

340 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 09:07:28
Now you know better, bro.

341 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 11:23:47

It must be widely known among the Kamenashi's fans that he is good at playing baseball.
SMAP's Nakai's team consisting of TV personalities played an exhibition
game with a professional baseball team. Kamenashi threw good pitches and his batting
was good, too. After the game, asked by a reporter who he thinks is the MVP (Most valuable player) of the game,
Nakai answered "I can't answer the question myself," jokingly implying it's arrogant
to call himself MVP. So Nakai made Kamenashi answer the question instead of him.
Kamenashi might have thought another player other than Nakai or even himself deserved
to be called MVP of the game, but he felt kind of pressured from Nakai to answer that
Nakai is the MVP. Kamenashi understood Nakai's humor and answered properly
that Nakai is the MVP. Good "senpai" and "kohai" relationship.

342 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 12:50:58
I have a great idea. Let's start a thread for Jani Ota where we can talk about
Johnny's boys in English. That way, everyone will be happy.
What do you say?

343 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 13:08:03
I wonder if a thread made exclusively for Johnny's boys can gather many posts.
Even in this thread, sometimes not many posts are posted.
That means to post a post in English is a big hurdle for us Japanese English learners.
That's my opininon. Some people may agree with you.

344 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 13:30:04
Can I start a new thread on this board? Yes. Someone has already explained how to do it.
Can I hijack this thread? Technically yes. But I don't think everyone is happy about that.

If you think that kind of topic would make us all happy, you can always start a new thread and give the link here.
If you don't think it's going to catch on, you know the topic won't make everyone happy.

You're not too stupid to understand this, are you?

345 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 14:12:17
Look at the pictures of the knit.
Is it just a misspelling? Or old term or somthing like that?


346 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 14:21:16
Johnny's boys are all attractive and interesting celebrities to talk about, and
I think it will motivate a lot of Japanese people to learn English.
Ah I see, you're just jealous 'cause you can't be as popular as they're.
That's so gay.
 (・e・) Get a life. 
彡,,, ノ

347 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 14:36:58
Personally, I am neither jealous of nor envy them.
As long as they're celebrities, than can't do whatever they want, such as
going shopping whenever they want for fear of being spotted and mobbed
by their fans or taken photos of them by paparazzi.

Their prime time is very short, 10 years or so on average. Most of them get to draw less and less attentions
as they get older and with only a few execptions, almost all of them dissappear from
TV shows when they enter 30's 40's. After they failed to keep their popularity,
their life is miserable while they can't forget about their glory days.
Some have hand in illegal drug and ruin their life.

Enthusiastic Johnny's boys' fan girls get married, have kids and Johnny's
boys'll be the bottom of their priority lists, gradually forgetting about them.

348 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 14:37:55
Can you even read English?

>If you think that kind of topic would make us all happy, you can always start a new thread and give the link here.

Yeah! Johnny's boys are all attractive and interesting celebrities to talk about!!
So why not go start a new thread on this board rather than hijacking this place?
Since they're so attractive, you'll get tons of people in your own thread!

They deserve their own English thread!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

349 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 15:36:38
Lulwut? You're flipping out on me just because I pinpointed the exact sore spot
in your heart. The truth is you're bullshitting in an attempt to fake your emotions
right there. Good god, you're making a gigantic ass of yourself now.
Go take your butthurt feelings and crawl back under some futon or something.

 (・e・) Yeah, you may already know this by now but I just did it for the lulz.
彡,,, ノ 

350 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 15:50:03
The more you use lul, the more you sound stupid.

351 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 16:06:09
 (・e・) Indeed
彡,,, ノ 

352 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 21:58:47
What a fiscal mess our country is in!

353 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 22:42:11
Well, actually I kind of like some of Johnny's cute boys for some reason.

354 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 23:28:52
I wonder how popular the Johnny's boy thread will be.
I won't go there cause I'm not interested in their dicks nor asses.

355 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 23:46:50
I foresee that it would be very popular with dick AA

356 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/24(火) 23:57:52
They are sexual object, after all, no matter conscious or unconscious.

357 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 00:12:07

Day or two I disapperaed for a after a fight with the oyaji troll on
this board and look what happens.

Someone stole my new English Threadmaking idea!

After following the anti-Kame threads on 2ch, I had the idea of making a
a pro-Kame ginternational support thread in English.

But some of you fangirls decided that before I could announce it

Go ahead then, I will support you.

Let us leave this thread to grumpy old trolls who complain
about everything, every message and insult posters constantly

358 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 00:54:09
VIP de shine

359 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 00:56:31
I want hiroyuki to make only english thread in which we stand news threads such as from Japan Times or Asahi English news.
And we chat each other in English.

360 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 02:18:25
I want know English. What do I do?

361 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 04:28:04
360 keep practising without hesitation, write here and chat with us,
good luck

362 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 04:34:11
Thank you!! I'll do it!!

363 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 07:28:54
Do you want to make an enemy of all oyajis? You are insulting old people.

364 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 09:43:06
No, absolutely not!
I have no problems with general elderly, but
I just can't stand Oyajis.
They stink, they burp, they throw up, you name it!
I try to stay away with them as much as possible.

365 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 09:52:21
>>364 Hey! you are not >>357!! speak for yourself!

i never said anything against the elderly. do not generalise!

366 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 09:56:49
I prefer Yamashita to Kame.
As a matter of fact, that's the fact of life.
Yamashita's new tune is awesome.

367 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 10:05:37
Yes, Tatsuroh Yamashita is good. It's that time of year again.

368 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 10:29:00
Noooo, Tatsuroh Yamashita is only a money monger.
He wrote that song knowing that he will make a fortune out of it,
by copy-chatting the successes of Wham!, John Lenon, etc.
In Japanese, such deed is called 'Azatoi'.

369 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 22:24:47
You can't use "they're" at the end of a sentence.
I'm not sure why, but you just can't. In this particular case, you are emphasising "they are", and so it is wrong to contract it.

I think you mean copy-cat. However, you can't use it as a verb. You can say "copying". You are referring to the general success of these people, so you would not use the plural.
You would say "success", not "successes".

370 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 22:51:19
 (・e・) Actually, I noticed that myself right after I posted it. It just doesn't sound right.
彡,,, ノ  Thanks for nitpicking anyway.

371 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 23:00:48
You will like my Kame.

372 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/25(水) 23:08:03
 (・e・) FYI, the word "copycat" can also be used as a verb.
彡,,, ノ  Hope this helps. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/copycat

373 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 01:05:48
I'll pluck feathers from you and put you in boiling water to feed my dog.

374 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 01:10:27
 (・e・) Then you'll eat that dog? That's not very nice of you.
彡,,, ノ 

375 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 02:03:09
I know you're 16 years old.

376 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 11:17:54
>>369, >>372
Thanx very much for your advice!
I used 'copy-catting(v)' rather than 'copying' to emphasise negative connotation,
but thanx for the valuable info.
Also, thank you for the latter part of the advice.
Plural vs singular always drives me nuts.

377 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 13:58:46
I'm convinced nowadays that the ordinary Japanese is still twelve years old in mind just as the General MacArthur said sixty years ago .

Whether the noun is countable or uncountable is a very significant marks which we can handle the word with.

378 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 16:39:10

379 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 17:45:14
>still twelve years old in mind

Hey, that's exactly how anime and otaku culture has flourished and the niche market has grown well.
Which makes some 'mature adults' proudly otaku in Japan. Let's look at the bright side, buddy.
Pedophilia is running rampant now?
Leave them in the corner of society, they might come in handy sometime too.

380 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 18:04:43
What' most favorite comics you guys?
And tell me reason it.

381 :380:2009/11/26(木) 18:34:17
Is my English strange?

382 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 18:59:41
no worries

383 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 19:10:15
keep going your way.

384 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 22:01:16
I don't read comic books so I can't answer you.

385 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 23:12:17
What are your most favourite comics you guys?
And tell me your reasons.

386 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 23:15:54
I like "Tasogare Ryusei Gun" by ....
Sorry, I forgot writer's name.

387 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/26(木) 23:16:41
Comics are for kids. I'm an adult.

388 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 00:19:15
I like English but Writing is not understood.

389 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 00:40:04
are you nigga?

390 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 01:35:42
Got turkey?

391 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 08:12:13
yes where are the Jani fangirlz? setting up a thread in English?

Come on I am waiting!

392 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 09:54:28
I wonder what's hip in the US now?
It used to be so that all the hip things were created in the US
and spread all over the world, but nowadays, that doesn't seem to be
the case.
If one goes to the US now, what should he/she buy, for example?

393 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 11:20:18
That's why there's the term "Graphic Novel".

394 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 11:22:00
Go to 4chan.
This English board isn't a place for such stuff.
If such a thing is set up, expect it to be flamed.

395 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 11:31:43
Isn't the term used for eroge?

396 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 12:01:47
>>394 Why dont you open your window and jump off it grumpy old bitter man,
other people's threads is none of your business.

Jealous old oyaji like you should be banned from 2ch.

If I was a dictator i would ban you from the English language threads.

397 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 12:18:54
You can't be popular with boys in your own country because you're too ugly and otaku.
That's why you jump to Johnny's boys to console your own heart.

398 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 12:45:00
Why are you so jealous of Johnny's boys?
Did you happen to apply for becoming one, and didn't get
Johnny-san to say 'You, Kichainayo!'?
If you really are better looking than Yama-P or Toma,
I bet you still have a chance.

399 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:11:40
"Mind your own business and let us do things our way"
Such mentality displayed by >>396 is absoloutely HATED in Japan.
It has nothing to do with xenophobia or open-mindedness, it's about respect.
Respect for the locals and their surroundings, including local rules.

There is a wonderful Japanglish term called "TPO".
It stands for Time, Place and Occasion.
It's important to know your TPO in Japanese society.
The English board is not the Place to make fangirl threads.
You "can", but expect it to be flamed into oblivion.
That's how things work around here.

400 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:15:42
I know it's generally not good to cite wikipedia, but saw no problem in the entry:

As you can see in the entry, they're deemed different from "comic books".

401 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:26:59
Every "J ota" girls dream to suck "J tale"s' dick.
Every "J tale" boys are already eaten by their boss "Mr.J.Kitagawa".

402 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:27:48
Excuse me we are NOT IN JAPAN

This is the INTERNET


403 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:34:26

they are going to make their own thread so why are you throwing tantrums?

404 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:35:08
I hope that you realise that
402, 391, etc., is a troll. He's trying to get replies from people, if they don't reply,
he get's bored, so just ignore him.

405 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:36:34

He probably fell in love with a Johnny, but Mr Kitegawa got there

He has been bitter ever since.

406 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:37:47
>>405 LOL

Maybe he is a Johnny's audition reject!

407 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:38:56
he failed to please Mr Kitegawa and got kicked out!!!

408 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 13:47:47
creepy inside of Johnny's world

409 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 14:03:26
>>408 not creepier than the lurking lolicons on this thread

410 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 14:38:33
So you do understand that johnny's ota are seen the same way as lolicon.
As you can see, the same arguments can be made:
"The old hags are just JEALOUS that they're not young and cute like the lolita girls!"

For normal people, johnn's ota and lolicon are both creepy.

411 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 15:11:07

412 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 18:13:02
Johnny's boys seem to be pretty young dolls to me.

413 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 19:53:01
Then you might like Ken Watanabe, Ken Takakura.

414 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:01:47
>>410 therefore ou are admitting the fact that there are no rule
s as to what we write here lolicon or Jani Ota, it is an open thread.

415 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:02:48
You Americans created the amusement park for everyone(includes adults).
It's called Disneyland.
We Japanese created the comic book for everyone(includes adults).
It's called Manga.
That's why Japanese culture prevails all over the world.

416 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:03:00
very nice


417 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:08:58
>>412 They are extremely pretty, but it is their cute side that is the
main attraction.

418 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:10:27
It's like a living ダッチワイフ(sex doll).

419 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:30:12
They are gorgeous.

420 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 21:44:28
They are extremely gay and laughably so. That's just my opinion.

421 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 22:09:09
That has a tone of "Uho." ウホッ

422 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 23:34:47

423 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 23:52:07
They say this is on the internet, not in Japan. Therefor, the word overseas is nonsense.

424 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/27(金) 23:55:42
They are retarded in thinking so.

425 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:13:15
are you anus cunt?
fucking hostile!

426 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:23:18

427 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:32:15

428 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:44:33
They are far better than you guys.
Because you don't even observe the only rule, SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

429 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:49:50

430 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:50:26
How do you know they're not foreigners learning Japanese?
I welcome people coming here to practice their Japanese.

431 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 00:55:50
I welcome your cunt, not cock.

432 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 01:03:25
This is a chat thread, so basically any topic is allowed to find some type of interested audience.
And I guess you could even spit fire and brimstone if you wanted to, as long as it's carried out in English.
We've learned arguing with a hardcore jani ota girl is as futile as trying to train your dog to discuss metaphysics with you.

There's nothing you can do about it.

433 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 01:04:03
ジャニーズ好き好き Vs うぜえ

434 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 01:17:38
Go back to the クウネル world ↓, you Obatarians!

435 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 01:36:26
Oke-dokey, I understand it.
According to what u said, I can say whatever I wanna say, right?
I totally hate fuckin creepy Jani ota cunts, and I've been always fuckin fed up with them.

"Go slam ur head against the corner of a Tofu to death."

This is what I can say for those silly mother fuckin cunts.
Fuck'em and have a good night☆ bye bye!

436 :いんいん:2009/11/28(土) 01:54:00

437 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 02:02:58
*totally unexpected third party enters the battlefield*

438 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 02:42:01
que hola es?

kara mucho

suppa mucho

439 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 03:06:29

Between this and a Johnny's boy, I choose celibacy.

440 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 03:43:17
Are you homosexual, I take it?

441 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 03:52:05
Thank you!

442 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 05:44:32
>>432 I take it that you equate discussion with a "hardcore janiota girl"
to that of a dog.

I take it that you think your actual pea sized brain thinks it has exchanged
places with your superinflated virtual ego.

Your sarcastic comments cannot hide the fact that you are one pathetic
socially inept person who regards himself too highly to be related
to ordinary human beings.

443 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 05:45:49
>>435 you sound like a former man castrated with a blunt rusty knife.

444 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 07:52:35
I bought a onahole. But very Loosely it.
Please tell me that makes loosely.

445 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 11:54:20
I want to fuck a fujoshi with my penis.

446 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 12:38:38
I found a similar point between loli ota oyaji and jani ota girl.

447 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 12:41:30
Only the two extremes here in this thread?
I believe people in the middle ground is the majority.

448 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 12:49:09
Most of people are not interested in loli, homo, and jani.
Just playing with the topics. That's what 2chan is.

449 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 13:08:39
nah, the non-japanese jani fangirls here are serious.
makes you wonder why they even come here, seeing that
they dont care about what the japanese ppl say.

450 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 15:54:58
world is full of shit
no reason to live longer. i am not rich or anything but
if i was able to die today with no pain i pay for it everything i have.
to me everything that exist in this whole bunch of shit world is boring to death.
maybe its not so boring if i had lots of money and attracting looks and good grade.
but truth is iam exactry opposite of it. no money and ugly face. it means you are dead from the beggining.

451 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 16:56:25
What is this?

452 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 21:15:59
Sell me your English ability for 10million yen before you die.

453 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 21:41:26
>>450's English isn't that good...

454 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 21:50:01
But my English is only worth 10thousand yen.

455 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 22:14:42
>>450, let's improve our English...

456 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 22:35:53
It's a demo conducted in probably in Tokyo.
As you might know, Democratic Party of Japan has taken the helm of Japan's Diet
after the historical defeat of Liberal Democratic Party which ruled Japan
for over 50 years.

Under Democratic Party of Japan's rule, they say they'll plan to pass a
bill that gives foreign residents in Japan voting rights to Natinal election.
Some people observe that this'll lead to takeover of Japan by Chinese residents
or Korean residents in Japan. Influx of people from Korea and China is
expected, too.

457 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 22:46:19
No worries.

Our government has already been taken over by Martians in peace.
Mr. Hatoyama is said to be Martian, right?

458 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 22:50:18
Well if they've become citizens of Japan, then they're no longer foreign.
It only makes sense that naturalised citizens of Japan that were formerly foreigners should be given the right vote,
in my opinion.

459 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 22:55:09
It's not that simple.

460 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/28(土) 23:23:00
Even if they are naturalized, their ties to their own countries never get
weak. They try to pass bills that are in favor of China and Korea.
Japanese Diet will be controlled by Chinese Communiust Party.

461 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 00:22:14
China today is more Capitalist than Japan.

462 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 04:05:27

463 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 04:20:38
>>450 i have never heard a woman who wantedto die so bad becuse she was ugly or had no money.
from this I guess, despite the huge offsets in income, disadvantages in life,
misogonysm, despite all the inequalities, women are a stronger and happier than men.

464 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 06:52:24
You're a moron.

465 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 08:07:31
>>464 does insulting others make you look more intelligent than you really are?

466 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 09:18:16
>>450 people like you should be "recycled".

The lovely Ikuta Toma gets exactly that when he tries to commit suicide:


467 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 09:41:22
Which would you choose if both Kame and Ikuta kneel down right in front of you
and ask for your hand?

468 :ドクター自慰:2009/11/29(日) 09:57:15
While we're on the topic of Japanese immigration policies,
here's a video that might be of interest:
This kind of thing is completely normal in my country,
and is really just the tip of the iceberg.
Of course immigration, when done properly and
in the right measure, is not necessarily a bad thing.
But believe me, you don't want Japan to
turn into something like modern Germany.

469 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 11:04:11
China's long term goal is said to govern Japan like they govern Taiwan
and make Japan one of those provinces/autonomous regions in China. Maybe they call
Japan "Japan autonomous region" like they call Uygur and Tibet.
Giving Chinese (and Korean) the right to vote is nothing less than the first step.

The reporter of the video says her parents are from Turkey (if I'm not mistaken.)
I wonder what her stance to immigration policy is like. If German adopted immigration
policy, then she wouldn't be in German and report the situation in the TV show.

The anchor in the studio is hot!

470 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 11:11:54

471 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 11:20:09
you should be cool.

472 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 11:37:16
Now I feel happy that I can understand Japanese completely.
I enjoyed the video and contemplated my life. Thank you.

473 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 12:18:32
>>467 that will never happen.

474 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 12:50:14
It could happen in their fan's brain.

475 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 12:53:23
What brains?

476 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:10:38
Any brain imagine anything.

477 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:21:35
>>474 i want to know the real motivation behind your question.

478 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:24:13
>>475 obviusly unlike YOUR brain, which can only think of shallow
sarcastic remarks.

479 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:26:39
my brain is very imaginative. It is so entertaining you would want to watch it
like a film...

480 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:27:55
besides who on earth would chat to phantom persons posing as Japanese
4:40 on a sunday morning. obviously i am thinking of very entertaining things.

481 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 13:46:22
'Sunday morning' sounds really nice.
It gives me the impression of peace.

482 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 14:00:02
'Sunday masturbation' sounds really nice.
It gives me the impression of peace.

If an attractive celebrity gave me her hand, it would give me the impression of heaven.

483 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 14:04:43

484 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 14:10:55
>>483 what are you imagining?

485 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 14:19:45

486 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 14:42:25
>>485 You could be an criminal because you broke the only rule in this thread so innocently.

487 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 18:07:48
I'm >>467 and I just asked the question out of curiusity. I imagine you'd choose
Turtle after agonizing for days. This is my first post since 467 so
If you think other posts are mine, you're wrong.

Some people seem to be too hard on you but don't take it seriously and have fun here.

488 :何玉鳳:2009/11/29(日) 21:05:44
The woman of the most excellent type in the world is a woman who had the pupil like the character of the Disney animation.
The woman is just Hakkina.
The women who had not the pupil like the character of the Disney animation are the failures of all.

489 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 22:10:13
I think you are a man of stereotype.
Too assertive.

490 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 23:46:13


491 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/29(日) 23:52:34
At least I can write English unlike you.

492 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:02:16
>>490 from the translator I understand " I was told Ibe better off in the
native boards". Even if you might have insulted me before, i would say, don't go.
Stay and write in English.

493 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:03:52


494 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:10:26
>>487 I see. It is highly like that you are a female Turtle fan. Thanks for the encouragement.
people who insult others are generally very lonely and bitter people.
Knowing that, I am not put off by anyone. They will be pacified by me as necessary.
If, you are a Johnny's marketing executive, the answer would be I would choose both.
Because you are asking a question that might have an impact on their job
situation. They are both excellent entertainers, so pay them well, exec-san.
If, you are an ordinary poster, i would still want to know what you have in your mind.
Again the answer would depend on whether you are a female 2ch user or a male one.

495 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:15:56
>>Oh I think I get it (via the translator). You were hoping to get in native english speakers to
seriously improve your ENglish. That is a respectable goal. However how are you
going to stop us no-good non native speakers of English write here?
If you are so serious about improving your English you shoul dattempt to live
in an English speaking country. That is the best way to achieve
the perfection you are after.

496 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:24:20

497 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:29:21

498 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:37:32
Are there hipsters in Japan?

499 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:50:30
I'm a man and I don't understand why your answer to that question varies
depending on whether I'm male or female.
That was just a casual question and doesn't matter which man you choose.

500 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 00:51:43





501 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 01:49:37
If you don't like this thread, just go away.
If you are going to stay here, just follow the one and only rule of this thread,
which is "chat in English."

Who do you think you are? You can't even get your point across "in English" while
you say English here is wierd.

502 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 02:05:08
so what?

自治厨気取りか? 張本人乙だな


503 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 02:52:52
You made me laugh to death.
You don't even have guts to reply in English.

Just go away without making excuses. You're such a coward.

504 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 03:46:45
One more day to go until December.
How's your holiday season.
There's no notion in Japan of holiday season that starts after Thanksgiving.

505 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 03:48:45
>>499 I see. I think they are both lovely but, Toma would be more difficult to
get on with because of his fiery temper. Kame is more likely to connect deeply,
because he understands his own character and knows what he wants.

506 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 07:49:34

507 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 11:48:02
This is "Chat in English" thread. This person who post in Japanese is
acting as a troll without realizing it himself. Go fly a kite, dude.

508 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 12:26:28
Traditionally, it is usually during the new year holiday that we fly a kite
in Japan, so we still have about a month to go.
Also during the holiday, we whip a top and play with battledores.

In your country, do you fly a kite any time of year?

509 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 13:30:08
I'm Japanese so I know what you explained already.
Go fly a kite is an idiom, meaning go away.

If you're just joking, this post makes me look like a moron.
By the way, not many people spend some time on those things anymore.
I think kids tend to do PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS or other video games during the
New Year holidays.

510 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 14:32:52

511 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 14:56:35
Oh, You're still here exposing your stupidity.

512 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/11/30(月) 17:47:26

Even Japan's prime minister is a 2channeller.
Probably he posts or lurks in politics related board and chances are slim
of him in English board.

513 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 00:41:03
bitchies aint shit

514 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 06:36:39
Could you please translate this:


thank you.

515 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 13:40:18

516 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 14:02:32

I totally agree with you!!!

517 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 15:01:43
The comment of him caused a kind of commotion among both anti-Kamenashi and his fans, right?
He jokingly implies that he masterbates when he can't fall asleep because of sexual drive at night.
That makes it easy to go to sleep. Don't trust my translation completely. The part implying
"something" wasn't easy for me to translate.
I sometimes had troubles falling asleep. My body was sleeping but my brain was awake.
I was like, "Oh my god. I can't help it." I almost got into sleep paralysis and I hated it.
In this situation, I woke up and talked to myself, "Calm down! I got to sleep, I got to sleep."
But well, sometimes when you sleep, it's not that bad to be a man, is it? you know... at night...
I think I'll leave the story to your imagination... And after that, it's easier to go to sleep, you know...
Well, anyway, lets move on to the next....

I tried translating it for the sake of improving my English.

518 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 22:46:35
>>517 The google translation is really silly, so thanks for the human to human translation.
I guess it depends in what context he is talking about..
With an elementery knowledge of Japanese, with the help of google translator I found the recorded clip.
From the translated blogs it looks like he is excited because of the Dreamboys show anxiety.



If you have seen the acrobatics he has to perform, you would understand an ordinary human being wouldn't be able to cope with such stress.
A human being would be kept awake on adrenaline alone.
But he is using that as a way to get intimate with his audience.
Of course now an entire thread in 2ch is dedicated to Kame's comments.

Your English is really good. You should come to England to practise and it will get even better.

519 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 23:22:26

I didn't know it's not common to hang laundry outside in US.
What about in your country? In Japan some households have a washing machine
which doubles as a laundry dryer or a separate laudry dryer but as long as weather
is good, we dry laundry outside. Dryer is usually for rainy days.

After reading the article, I heard hanging laundry outside is a sign of being poor overseas.
We don't associate drying laundry outside with being poor at all.

520 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 23:34:20
anal cunt

521 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/01(火) 23:35:12
Hanging laundry outside reminds me of Italian old movies.
It sure was a poor world.

522 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 00:32:26
I hate dryers in the US.
It damages my clothes: washes out colors, and puts holes for soft clothes.

523 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 03:26:08
(´・ω・`)>>522 I hate you more than the dryers

524 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 03:36:58
Don't be mean to anybody without any specific reasons.
I'll fart on your face on behalf of him.

orz=3 (´・ω・`)

525 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 04:17:08
(´;ω;`) very stink.I'll ask the police to arrest you.

526 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 04:18:13
Were you offended by anything I said in the previous post.
I didn't intend to be mean.

Or you might be a US dryer, then I'm sorry. I don't like you at all.


527 :ドクター自慰:2009/12/02(水) 04:41:42
>as long as weather is good, we dry laundry outside.
>Dryer is usually for rainy days.
yeah, same here.

528 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 19:52:46
Spin dryers fade out the colours in my clothes and damage them.
I dry all my clothes on a line.
If it's raining, I have a separate line under a roof outside for drying in the rain!

529 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 20:19:43
Nothing can beat wearing clothes dried in the sun.
A dryer can dry laundry but it's different from the natural process of
drying in the sun and breeze.
Sun rays kills germs and everything. You feel refreshed in sun rays and
breeze. Do you think you'd be refreshed in a huge dryer? Nahhh!!!

530 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/02(水) 23:39:35
Why aren't you dead from sunray?

531 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 00:05:30
Stupid people say the sun is bad.
There's nothing wrong with the sun!
I never wear sunscreen.
I live right next to the ocean in Australia as well, perfect for swimming.

532 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 00:21:21
I want to live like laundry pegged on a clotheline, soaking the sun and
in refreshing breeze.

533 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 01:06:24

It's funny that the couple who weren't officilally invited to the White House
dinner could slip through security and made it to the party.
It sounds like a silly joke.

534 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 03:00:16

If you have time, would you come to the thread and answer my question?
It's about a video on Youtube. Thank you.

535 :いんいん:2009/12/03(木) 04:25:49
There's a choice we're making
we're saving our own lives
It's true we'll better day just you and me.

536 :何玉鳳:2009/12/03(木) 20:35:16
Hello everybody, I think that 99.999% Japanease women are very ugly.
In the other word, nice women are just one every 100,000 women.
When it is a simple calculation, there are 600 women in Japan, but there are actually only 100 women because it is limited by the woman of the marriageable age.
Nice women in each prefecture are only one or two, and might not exist when the prefecture is small.
Even if a man dislike Japanease women and like pinktoes, he must not hate such 100 women.
My lover is such one in 100 women.
Her name is Hakkina.

537 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 21:00:23
I'm looking for a bento box, it cant be pinku (that's Japanese for pink) or any girl color.
It has to be of 2 or more kotoba (that's Japanese for 2 compartments) and has be be chibi (small) sized.
And has to be really kawaii (cute). Also It has to be about 1000-2000 yen.
And you have to post pics of it first (i want to make shure it's kawaii [cute]).
And it would be nice if it came with matching chopstick holder (WITH chopsticks). OH!
and it CANNOT have any cartoon pictures, or be made out of plastic. It has to be made of ceramic, or something like that.
Also it would be nice if it was made in japan. and not in china or corea (Korea) or whatever.
I have found a bento box similar to the one im describing in e-bay,
but it was 1 kotoba, and i don't want my gohan (rice) to touch my other things
(it can get wet and i would not like that, plus 2 compartments looks more kawaii)

538 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 21:11:46
Eat pizza, fatty.

539 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 21:17:02
I don't know if you like one/some of them on the page.
It boils down to how you search on the web becuase even though I'm Japanese
all I can do is searching. I'll search further when I have time.

Doesn't e-bay carry only second hand thing?
Can't imagine buying second hand bento box.

540 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/03(木) 21:27:05
If there is one compartment, buying these might be good.


541 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 12:43:35
>>537 is a troll, do not reply.

542 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 17:05:20
Never thought she was...

543 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 21:29:38
That's very rude.
I just wanted some help picking a nice bento box for my lunch.
You're very inconsiderate.
Ebay has new things as well. It depends on the seller.

544 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 22:38:31
I'm not >>541, but coming to a Japanese based place and going "pinku
(that's Japanese for pink)" "chibi (small)" "really kawaii (cute)" "gohan (rice)"
only suggests that you are a troll, plain retarded, or perhaps both.
Either way, you're very inconsiderate.

545 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 23:07:54
Today's Dokkiri TV show was nice.
"Nights" (who are comedian) was really emotional.

Well, I am going to take a bath.

546 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/04(金) 23:21:07
Today's VVV6 theme is Sho-Ron-Po.
Sho-Ron-Po is Chinese food that is like Gyo-za.
But Gyo-za is Chinese food, too.


It's difficult for me to explain Sho-Ron-Po.

My English is poor.... orz

547 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/05(土) 01:20:20
I missed the first hour of the program so I'm waiting for someone to
upload some videos on yuotube.

548 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/05(土) 01:26:48

This type of bra is sold in Japan and some fashion conscious women use it.
The reason why this is popular among some is that some girls don't like it
when everybody sees their bra through t-shirt or thin shirt.

This could be the second best export next to bento box. jk

549 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/05(土) 10:28:49
I wonder bento-box is getting popular outside Japan.

550 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/05(土) 10:47:42
A classic copy/paste.

551 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/05(土) 20:54:53

552 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 01:03:50
I farted but it wasn't just gas...

553 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 05:47:37
Hello. It has been a while. It is getting cooler in england. How is the weather,
wherever you might be?

I went to a winter fair, it was cold, ended up queueing for the korean version
of sushi. The queue was too long, I gave up and bought myself a packet of kimchi and
a Blue Mountain coffee, really hot and warming.

In the evening I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my flatmate bought me
some sushi from the same shop. Apparently she had more patience.

Tell me how your Saturday was, whichever corner of the cyberspace you are from.

554 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 05:55:56
Once upon a time i looked for a clever bento box. The reason is not
because I wanted to fill it with sushi, but more like various types
of food suitable for lunch. I could not find one.

The best option is, buy a large plastic airtight box:


and fill it with smaller individual boxes:


This a company from Scotland called Lakeland.

555 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 08:33:46
I felt them functional ones.

556 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 11:39:20
You always start your Sunday with a fart?
May today bring much gas to you.

557 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 13:46:32
It's getting cold in Japan but in the day, if it's clear weather, it's good for
strolling outside.

Kimuchi and coffee sounds both good when you eat them seperately but the combination doesn't
sound ideal. Kimich is something you eat as an additional thing served with rice, not something you
eat on its own or with coffee. It's different from fish and chips.

558 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 17:59:47
It was liquid

559 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 18:21:22
I suggest you should put on an adult diaper.

560 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 18:28:00
It happens when you don't let all the water out after washlet.
But please do not talk about curry when I am eating diarrhea.

561 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 21:19:00
>>no no of course the kimchi is for later! i put it in the fridge.
Apparently it contains a number of antioxidants that are good against

562 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/06(日) 22:07:49
Natto served with Kimuchi or mixing Natto with Kimuchi must tast good.

Kimuchi served with tea or coffee is terrible combination.
Any restaurant who serves that way will go belly up in no time.

563 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 04:52:22
ok today we ate Korean dumplings with my German flatmate.
the tiny kitchenette turned into a sauna from the steam.
We decided to not to make Korokke Kare afterwards, because we both
feel like Pythons who have swallowed a whole sheep.
we have to rest to digest the food.

I am hoping the chilli-soya-garlic dip will help my cold.

564 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 04:53:32
>>562 Ok will try the natto-kimchi combination, thanks.

565 :片岡数吉 ◆X8bUvIiQ1A :2009/12/07(月) 05:05:48
yesterday, I ate kochi-jann set lunch at a korean reatsurant in shin-okubo [ which was very good and cheap [ coating 600 yen ] ].

566 :片岡数吉 ◆X8bUvIiQ1A :2009/12/07(月) 05:36:02
I eat Korean nabe or Chinese nabe very often with my true friend.
He is a Chinese and a very good fellow. He is also otoko-mae, so I am very happy.

567 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 07:54:26

I see... so shin-okubo is the Korean town in Tokyo?


I could not find info about kochi-jann. What is it?

>>566 What is a nabe? what is otoko-mae?

Thanks in advance.

568 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 11:09:50
I hate Japan. Japs are suicidal maniacs, brutal rapists,
and xenophobic.

569 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 11:52:03
Fackin' Jap

570 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/07(月) 11:59:43

571 :MJ:2009/12/07(月) 13:26:20

Any are jew walkin'?
Any are jew walkin'?
Are jew walkin' any?

Any are jew walkin'?
Any are jew walkin'?
Are jew walkin'?
Are jew walkin' any?

572 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/09(水) 09:55:34

573 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/09(水) 14:17:45
Kochu-Jan is a kind of sauce made from chilli peppers, which is used for making Korean foods.
Nabe(鍋) is a sort of cooking utensil like pan or pot, and all of the dishes made by using nabe
are called 000 nabe. Do you understand what you mean? Sorry for my pooe English!

Otoko-mae (男前)means good-looking or handsome.

574 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/09(水) 18:44:18

I've just posted a question there. If you have time, please answer them.
Thank you.

575 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 09:23:29
>>573 thanks for explaining the meanings of these words.
Your English is very clear.
Today I went to a Korean fast food cafe, supposed to be very cheap,
and asked the waiter what dish would be good for a cold .

He reccommended kimchi jjigae. He smiled and said "You will feel hot and sweaty".

I was slow to eat it at first, then got used to it. At one point it was
so hot, I had to lots of water.

When I asked for the bill this hot Korean waiter smiled sweetly and
said "Did you like it?" Of course I had to say I did, though I felt like
a nuclear reactor running free. Was it the kimchi or the waiter, I could not tell.

Now I realise it was a marketing trick to keep women customers.
Maybe he truly wanted me to get well. Whichever way, I keep remembering
his affectionate eyes.

576 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 09:25:29
oooo tell us about your otoko-mae...is he a potential boyfriend.

577 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 13:53:01
Isn't it the same with asking what humburger is best for a cold at McDonald?
If you keep going to the place, in no time you'll be a big fan of TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi)

578 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 14:09:01
2ch is a terrible internet

579 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 15:51:14
Christmas is coming up. To prove you have Christmas spirit, give me some money.

580 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 16:13:26
Sorry, Christmas has been cancelled...

581 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 16:19:23
I'll spend a hot night with a gorgeous girl on Christmas Eve at a love hotel.

582 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 16:20:26
Christmas in Western countries is a family event where family members and
relatives get together and celebrate it. But Christmas in Japan is completely
different for young people and Christmas and Christmas Eve are considered
to be a special occasion of a year for couples. Couples here spend quality
time together on the days, like having special dinner and staying at a hotel and
all that.

Men who don't have girlfriend to spend the days with feel ashamed and
kind of jealous of these couples. So around this time of year, men who aren't popular with girls
circulate an announcement jokingly on the Net that Chrstmas this year is canceled,
meaning there's no Christmas this year, as if it was an official annuoncement.
It's a humorous way of trying to preventing happy couples from spending a good time on
Christmas Eve and Chrsitmas.

583 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 18:32:52
I really enjoy Japanese copy/paste stories (kopipe). Could some Japanese users share their favorite copypastes in English?
I would love them! Thanks!

584 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 21:09:59
Your post itself seems like a copy/paste.
I've seen you asking for copy/paste before.

One of my nipples is fingered while my prostate is being stimulated with
pinpoint accuracy. I'm being dominated by waves of phenominal sexual pleasure
I've never experienced before. Now, time for incert.
I don't remember much what happend after that but I slightly remember in
ecstacy that my head and body were all sweaty and wet, the prostate being podded furiously.
Some kind of mysterious lequid gushes out from my cock like a fountain. (That's my sexual nature.)
In response to each and every stroke, the lequid spurts like a volcano.

585 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 22:20:51
Sorry, I only can give you some fart.

586 :20yo:2009/12/10(木) 22:30:09
It is true that I like girls, but every boy at school talks about girls. I'm tired.
I am too honest to tell lies, or cannot pretend I like talking about girls.
There is a girl I think is fairly pretty, but I can not go wild and join a conversation like 'Isn't she so hot? She is killing me!'
I would rather wish to talk about boys than force myself to do such talks.

But, that's how boys are.
I am sure everybody would, toward me, develop a feeling of hatred many times greater than it is now, if I start talking about boys.

But, I really cannot possibly bring myself to join such wild spirit. What would you have done if you felt the same thing?
I would not restrict myself but be active as them to try to go deeper and talk about boys wildly, if ショタコン were not abnormal.
It's tough.

587 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/10(木) 23:43:38
It isn't really, but yes I've asked for it once before. Generally no one wants to give any though.

588 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 02:05:11
Which do you like better as a sexual object, young girls around 20 years of age
or elementry school boys?

589 :20yo:2009/12/11(金) 02:44:39
Of course elementary school boys
Boys are the best

590 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 03:12:32
You don't like talking about girls with your friends but you like girls, right?
Is it that you like both girls around your age and elementary school boys
but you prefer the latter?

Do you think you'll get marry with a woman in the future?

591 :20yo:2009/12/11(金) 03:29:57
Its hard to write in English.
I want to use japanese.
cuz I cant give you a enough explanation in English

and no, I don't like elementary school girl.
I prefer around my age.

Of course,I hope to marry with a woman in the future.

592 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 03:42:40
You like both girls around your age and elementary school boys.
(I think 20 year-old woman can be called a "girl.")
You can see both of them as a sexual object but if you had to choose
between them, you'd choose elementary school boys rather than girls around your age.
Is that what you are saying?

Do you think your sexual orientation will change in the future?
If it won't change, you keep your boys fetish secret to your future wife?
Do you think even if you become 60 years old, you'll still love elementary school boys?

593 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 04:06:14
There's nothing that can be done.
You can't force yourself to like girls if you prefer boys.
However I don't think elementary school boys would like you (a 20 year old man).
So maybe try to find a feminine 20 year old man.

594 :20yo:2009/12/11(金) 04:15:36

I think so seiheki wont change.

yes I love clb all the time
cuz they're cute.
but not only elementary school children
I like 13 or 14yo old boy too if he hasnt a voice change, thats awesome he shud be so hot


I'm not trying to get elementary school boyfriend

and.. I'm not interested in old guys

595 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 04:25:30
What's clb?

Don't molest elementary school boys.
You're going to take your boys fetish to your grave without letting anybody
recognize it, aren't you?

596 :片岡数吉 ◆X8bUvIiQ1A :2009/12/11(金) 04:36:38
Get yourself [ to like age twenties boys [ who are cute ]!
You aren't interested in age twenties girls.
Don't touch age under ten boys!

597 :20yo:2009/12/11(金) 05:36:56
and I became a fan of michael jackson after his death
and Old fans call us 'SHIGO NIWAKA'

598 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/11(金) 05:40:56
You can make your version of Neverland and invite school boys over and
Well... I'll let you tell the rest of the story.

599 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 02:32:12
I have toothache. I'm not happy.

It's kind of funny that when you say you have a headache, it needs an article.
But when it comes to teethache, no article.

600 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 07:05:40
I've never heard it said without an article. Perhaps it's alright to say it without an article,
but it's also alright to say it with an article.

601 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 17:25:39
I don't know, I've always said it with an article! Saying it without just makes it look wrong.

602 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 17:51:33
Last April in my country, it snowed. I wonder when it next snows outside of Winter.

603 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 19:01:01
hi! how are you?

604 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 19:22:23
I don't know from when but every year at this time of year, one kanji, or
a chinese character is chosen as a kanji which describes and represents
the year most. This year's kanji of the year is 新 meaning "new."

"New" adminisration consisting mostly of Democratic Party of Japan was launched.
"New lay judge system was adopted.
"New" type of flu is rampant.
"New" MLB record was made by a Japanese major leaguer, Ichiro Suzuki, which batted more than
200 hits per a regular seasn for nine consectuvie years.

That's the reason why "新" was chosen as this year's kanji in Japan.
A chosen Kanji is calligraphed at Kiyomizu temple. This event is held by Japan
Kanji characters blah blah.. association. It was put to trial or something
because it took advantages of tax exempt status or something and illegally
raked in hefty amount of cash which was originally our tax. That's disgusting and
because of the criminal act of the organization, I don't think it's worth
media coverage of this event.

But on a personal level, it's good to look back your year of 2009 and wonder
what your kanji of the year is. Mine kanji of of the year that describes my
life in 2009 is 怠, meaning lazy, idle.

605 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 19:24:14

606 :20yo:2009/12/12(土) 21:14:52
I don't have money.and no. Il be catch by police.
I really understand Michael's feeling too when I listend a song 'childhood'
He had a painful childhood so I didnt have a childhood so he couldnt be an adult in mental
he is a peterpansyndrome. I think Im kinda peterpansyndrome.

607 :20yo:2009/12/12(土) 21:15:42
I dated with 13 year old boy today.

608 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 21:23:09
What made you become a man with boys fetish?
You went through painful childhood?

How did you get to know him? What did you do?

609 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/12(土) 21:51:26
pretty boring, mate... what's up?

610 :20yo:2009/12/12(土) 22:52:46
for me,, I don't know
when I was junior high school student, there is a painful time and now is painful too...
hmm~ Nuthing special pain in elementary but my mom interference with children very much
like WHere are you going to!? Who are you gonna play(hang out with?)!?
you shouldn't go by only children!don't go!

that was really anoying so I didnt hang out and go or visit any places
Other kids usually do. but I couldnt
I'm not sure if it related to why I am shotacon

sorry for my crazy english but please understand by your good brain.


He's just like friend.. maybe. he is also a my little brotheres school mate.
We dont usually play with. we just met by chance today and just talked and walked through the booth.
I didnt talk with him for a long time. in the truth I am really Unリア充
and I think my communication skill is really low now. I don't have courage to talk to someone
and I don't have a fashion sence so I look kinda wired I guess
and I am really negative person. But I know I should make a change for once in my life
thank you.

611 :bape:2009/12/12(土) 23:02:02

612 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 19:51:20
Tell me what's the kanji of the year to you.

613 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 20:59:33
It's 落.
My salary is keep decreasing (泣).

That means,
The value of me is falling day by day.

614 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 21:02:49
I mistook.
My salary keeps decreasing.
Lost, again!

615 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 21:25:59
I see. Otehre than decreasing salaryk, it's said Japanese business people get less Winter bonus.

For people who don't know mucch about Japan's salary system, in Japan
summer and winter "bonus" are paid, meaning two bonuses are paid every year, summer and winter.
Both summer and winter bonuses are about the amount of three months or so

"Bonus" in English is usually paid when you do nice job but "bunus" in Japan
has a different meaning as explained above.

I'm NEET so my explanation could be wrong. Read my post with a grain of salt.

616 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 21:51:17

You are a Japanese NEET?

617 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 21:52:52

618 :名無しさん@日本語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 22:02:57
wow...by no offence,really good english for a NEET.

619 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 22:12:00
No offence taken. NEET is a person who doesn't work but that doesn't mean
they are lazy. Some NEETs study hard to get certificates that will help them
to find job.

620 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 22:24:46
Are you planing to get EIKEN first grade?

621 :名無しさん@日本語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 22:46:04
i thought all NEETs are like Sato in"welcome to the nhk",didn't know there are some NEETs are hard working people like you.

622 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 22:47:50
英語単語帳SNS - えいごたん.jp

623 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 23:04:52
I don't think that a person who educates oneself and seeks a job
is considered to be a NEET.

624 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 23:06:17

I've never heard of him.

625 :20yo:2009/12/13(日) 23:07:25
I saw some hot boys today

626 :片岡数吉 ◆/LbFhCysRJTU :2009/12/13(日) 23:13:25
I have got English proficiency top grade bestowed.

627 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 23:22:31
Do you mean you are an EIKEN 1st grade holder?

628 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/13(日) 23:44:42
How hot were they?
I bet summer is best because you can see them in T-shirt.

629 :20yo:2009/12/14(月) 00:18:36
>>628 日本語で書きたいところだけど辞書片手に英語で・・理解してね。。
today was a winter festival day. festival thing like therer are a lot of booth.
I saw Cool naughty(kinda DQN) junior high school boys (I guess 13)
One of them is really short and looked like elementay school kid. He wears parka with hood. he was cute
and the other boy who dyes his hair blond was really cute and cool.
I thought DQN boys are nice..

and, I saw boy (I guess 13year old) dancing wearing only a happi coat.
He looked feeling really cold.
I saw his nipple
he was (正しくはisだな?) a beautiful boy in the manner of Kansai (←関西風美少年と言いたい)

and I saw very cute(and he will be handsome in the future too) elementary school boy.

yeah summer is good to see in T-shirt
but I think little boys winter clothes is cute(pretty?) too.

today was good kinda day for me.

And I'm not interested in dicks.

thank you for respending to me.
God bless you.

630 :20yo:2009/12/14(月) 00:19:40
good kinda day→kinda good day.

but az you know. I was all day alone today.
but its ok..

631 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 00:54:19
Oh my gosh, you said you saw his nipple? Did you like it? Do you like men's nipples?

Well, I don't know, I think I'd like to befriend you...

632 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 00:56:05
I think I understand what you mean.
Gazing at girls in fascination can be criminal but, gazing at boys can't
be criminal unless you molest them.

633 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 01:02:51
It takes two to dango is a proverb.
It means it's more fun to make dango dumplings with one of your friends
than making them alone.

634 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 01:24:57
this is the weirdest thread i have ever seen in my entire life.

635 :20yo:2009/12/14(月) 01:55:29
I don't like nipples particularly
but Yes,I liked it. beautiful boy's nipple, It's nice.

Thank you very much. You're so kind.

I almost understand but I'm not sure..

636 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 02:09:30
And 634 is the wierdes post I've ever seen in my entire life.

637 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 06:53:13
The other day, I spotted two men holding a board saying "Free Hug."
I know this campagin and have watched some videos where people are giving
a free hug.

I like the concept but I think to make this campaign successful, it has to
be done under one simple conditon. That is, a person who gives a hug have to
be attractive, preferably an attractive girl.

The men I saw looked filthy and they don't care about what to wear.
They kind of looked as if they had come out of a garbage can.
I never thought I'd have felt happy and proud beig hugged by them.
The point of this campaing is you have to become happy and feel important by being hugged,
isn't it? Or am I being too harsh on them?

638 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 06:56:36
634 and 636 are two weridest post I've ever seen in my entire life.

,==. |~~~
/ 66\ |
\c -_) |~~~
`) ( |
/ \ |~~~
/ \ \ |
(( /\ \_ |~~~
\\ \ `--`|
/ / / |~~~
___ (_(___)_|

639 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 07:06:00
I wanna be the weirdest person no one has ever seen before.

640 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 07:06:58
What's the AA about?

641 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 07:40:12
Actually, you are already so.

642 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 07:59:28
I have to admit I have yet to beat you. So jealous of your weirdness, damnit.

643 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 10:27:07
I'll give you a proverb which an ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates said.

" Know yourself!"

When it comes to weirdness, you are second to none. It's crystal clear!

644 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 10:44:00

oh! i did not understand english

speak japanese

645 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 22:47:39
Now, is this a thread for Guy's Nipples Fan Club?
Oh yeah. I don't mind at all.

646 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/14(月) 23:47:56
This year's kanji for this thread is 糞 just like for other threads in 2channel.

647 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 00:55:28
What do you mean by that?

648 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 02:45:00
Yamashita ....has he got implants? discuss


Jin has dark ones


Kamenashi... tiny pink ones


my eyes are going funny...

649 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 04:56:10
Boy's nipples? Pfft.
Japanese men have boring fetishes.

650 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 04:57:57
I only have sex with paraplegics born without nipples.

651 :片岡数吉 ◆X8bUvIiQ1A :2009/12/15(火) 05:01:38
Put your dry lower lip on his nipple.
Prick the nipple, and he will give out a good voice very naturally and heavenlily(^-^*)

652 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 05:07:45
Why would your lips be dry? How very unattractive!

653 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 05:33:19
Yamashita goes to gym to build up his body so her chest muscles are developed.
It's not that he had silicon inserted in his chest or anything to make it big.

I'm never interested in men's nipples so haven't observed them carefully but
by comparing those of the men, I found even men's nipples differ in terms of color
and size. Although I recognize women's boobs and nipples differ from woman to woman...

I'm trying to get a certificate that qualifies me as a professional boobs fortune teller, which
enables me to tell women's fortunes by just observing their boobs.

654 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 06:47:32
>> yamashita looks strange with that extension. why do men do such funny
things to their bodies to look manly. they are fine the way they are.

of course it varies, we are the same species.

doctors do that, to see if they have cancer or not. are you a doctor?

if women did bare their breasts, would the attitudes to human breast be different?
It would no longer be a taboo object, like it is today.
it would be something parental only.

655 :片岡数吉 ◆X8bUvIiQ1A :2009/12/15(火) 07:17:13
I am a naturalist.
Lips are exposed to outer air, [ which does naturally dries your lips ].

656 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 10:12:39

657 :20yo:2009/12/15(火) 13:54:24
I'm exited to pirameki!

658 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 22:31:52
hey 20 year old man. Are you fighter Soubi? as in Ritsuka and Soubi.

Have you heard of Loveless.

659 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/15(火) 23:42:14
If I was a doctor I'd have had the same chance of seeing men's nipples as women's.
Just that I go to porn sites and see women's nipples much more than men's.
When there are scenes where a man and woman doing you-know-what in a porn
videos or porn images, I never pay attentions to male actors' nipples.

I don't know about you but some women do get turned on by men's muscular body.
America needed to have muscular men to explore, develop and cultivate Fronteer on the course of
going West back then. That's why American still appreciate muscular men than any other
country in my opinion.

Even if your kind of boys don't need to have big muscles, you still love shipshaped
body without excessive fat. That's along the same line with worshiping muscles.
The only difference is just the amount of muscles of man's body.
At the end of the day, girls love muscle than fat on man's body.

If women bare breasts in public, men can't concentrate on working and productivity
decreases and that worsens economy and that leads to a great depression.
You'd see men walking down the streets with their you-know-what erecting and
rape cases increases and the whole world'd go into total chaos.

Boys couldn't concentrate classes at school with girls baring their breasts around.
In recesses between classes, boys'd rush to men's room and masturbate.
Boys school grades would go terrible and they couldn't study enough to
go to university. Education system would collapse because of that.
That leads to Human being's IQ get low. 6 billion people become dumb.
Prosperity of human beings would come to an end if all human beings go dumb.

660 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 01:01:06
what the hell are you talking about?
I totally don't understand what you're saying!

661 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 01:01:47
Kishizawa Yugo kun.. haahaa
I want him to bully me!

662 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 01:07:23
I've never heard of him. Who is he?

663 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 01:22:23
yeah of course most of people don't know him
only few people know him. He's just a minor koyaku.

664 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 01:30:22
You must like eco-car genzei (tax reduction) boy, too. duh

665 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 01:36:49
Kodomo tencho?

666 : ◆KklKX1O8zI :2009/12/16(水) 01:39:43
i wanna sex with you

667 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 02:06:39
Rock with you

668 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 02:46:35
Your story is very funny but I have a doubt whether things would go as you said.
Because we human beings are a kind of animal that easily get used to or get tierd of something.
If I could see a woman being naked in public, I'm sure that my you-know what got excited.
But it's only a temporary phenomenon. If I could see on a daily basis, .....


669 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 02:58:46

670 :668:2009/12/16(水) 03:24:44
チンコ?? 性欲の対象は人それぞれ違うからね。

671 :20yo:2009/12/16(水) 03:36:27
Cuz many of shotacons love chinko. ANd they masturbate by watching chinko.
But I don't understand how to masturebate by watching chinko even I am shotacon.
And I am hand (finger,nail)fetish.and other crazy fetish.

672 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 04:20:09
Yes, you're right about the African tribes who are all naked.
When I posted >>659, that crossed my mind. If both men and women being naked is common and
part of culture, there'd be no problems.

But in civilized societies around the world, there will be no chance of
going back to African tribes' way.

If all people went naked in this day and age, there'd be commotion you can't handle.
Transition period would be hardest to handle. Lots of men'd gather at gates of girls's schools
nationwide and girls wouldn't be able to go home from school.

Fashion industry would protest against naked society. They'd all go bankrupt. Lots of unemployed people around the world.
How can you cope with severe winter if you're naked? It would be good if transparent fibers that keep your body warm
like fur was invented to survive winter. Another option for fashion industry is to sell very
expensive small pieces of transparent cloth to hide private parts.
Weaving gold in the cloth would be good for fashion industry as a marketing strategy to make profits.
Diamond studded piece of cloth would be fine, too.

Talking about nonsense like this makes me feel I'm stupid.
And I admit I am.

Girls tend to love mens' fingers and hands more than penis itself.
So maybe you have a girl inside.

673 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 09:33:28
About two weeks to go until the year of 2009 is over.......
Speechless... Time flies....Potato fries....

674 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 10:25:47
When will they invent sex robots?
I want one.

675 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 10:42:21
They will come as soon as possible only if we could afford to make an AI.

676 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 14:28:48
Tempus Fugit.

677 :20yo@mobile:2009/12/16(水) 15:04:09
No way!!
Ive never thought I want to be a girl.
there's no relation to be 手fetish

678 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 17:47:56
That's the threat of annihilation of the whole human race.

679 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 17:54:53
So you must accept a sex doll.

680 :20:2009/12/16(水) 20:45:49

681 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/16(水) 22:58:03
2channel is cesspool and it's not worth posting with your cell phone.
Don't bother checking 2channel when you're out. There's something more to do than
posting here.

You must have been watching Michael Jackson's documentary on TV.
The documentary is trashy and its quality is low but I couldn't help but
watching it to see if he really molested kids in Neverland or the family just
tried to win the lawsuit and get big money.

682 :20yo:2009/12/17(木) 00:41:41

kinda hard to understand the 2nd writing! lol!
but I think I understand
but in this case Id like to believe Michael side
His BenGoshi was cool cuz he did a goodjob!

683 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 02:55:20
Micheal Jackson fucking WISHED he was as awesome a dancer as this guy:

684 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 03:36:04
How could you find such a video among all videos on Youtube?
You have better things to do than sneering at such a video.
Wasting time in 2ch is more productive.

685 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 05:06:28
Today FFXIII is released in Japan. I'm not Japanese so I can't get it,
but if anyone in Japan gets it, can you please post pictures of the cover/disc/manual?

686 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 06:42:46
I didn't find it myself, I was linked to it.

687 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 07:14:02
That makes sense but putting a link up like the video brings 4ch flavor to
this thread and it goes like hmmmmmm to me, although I'm not an expert in
4ch. Just dipped my toe in there before to see what it's like.

I thought 4ch is an equivelant to 2chan but I was wrong in that the former is
an image board and wierder perhaps. Couldn't navigate there well.

688 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 08:16:46
For those who fetishize giant girls:
She's 205cm tall and very fit. Not really my type but I thought you might be interested.

689 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 09:15:21
From what I know and have seen on TV before, a person, regardless of man and woman,
who is that tall have difficulty walking and even standing, but this woman's move looks
very natural. She even looks athletic. I want to know about her more.
I'll check the link to her Myspace and search for more information about her, too.

Her boobs doesn't look natural. Cilicon in her breast must be tailor-made. lol
Her voice must be very low.

690 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:04:05
i cannot speak japanese

691 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:09:48

Thought she's a model but it seems like she's in sex industry, too?
That's a bit disappointing.

692 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:19:10
Her nipple must be as big as an apple...

693 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:19:36
I don't think she was always a woman. Judging by her bone structure,
she was born a man.

694 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:23:47
Tall woman are not very attractive. Any woman taller than 160 cm
is not very pretty, I am sad to say. It makes me frown to see them,
especially in Japan. If woman is taller than me, I get ugly feeling.

695 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 10:32:44

One person commented:

"She" is a man. You can tell simply by the V. Girls (no matter how built and fit) don't have that.

What does V mean in his comment?

696 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 13:15:00
I stopped playing the FF series years ago, so I'm not going to buy the new one
but here's a site with some pics of it.

697 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 14:21:43
So you're 160cm tall? I must say, that's rather short.

698 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/17(木) 22:58:58
There are some kind of dollars, such as Australian dollar, Singapore's dollar.

Likewise, Japan's 160cm is 175cm in world standrad metrics.

699 :20yo:2009/12/17(木) 23:45:23

700 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 00:39:20
Hi backatcha.
Aren't you the guy who fetishizes little boys? Shotacon man?
Aren't you awake a little late?
All the good little boys and girls go to sleep early.

701 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 00:45:08
yer I hope young boys go to sleep early.

702 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 01:08:32
You're a little scary. What does yer mean? Is it like the
feeling I get when I see....
Ah, no! It is too perverse.

703 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 01:31:54
Yer means Yeah in Australian way.]
its ok..

704 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 01:36:45
You are Australian, not Japanese?
I see now. nicole Kidman is a famous Australian actress, do many
Australian women look like this?
Now I know why you are shotacon.
still, they are very nice.
so, you should try women or maybe just be cherry boy forever.

705 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 01:42:56
no I'm japanese and I am a cherryboy

706 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 01:49:14
I understand now.
A little, I think.
You are a cherryboy and you like young boys.
You are like Michael Jackson, maybe?
Still, you should at least try once with a woman.
Don't be shy and ask.
Ask every woman you see until she says yes.
You are probably shy, but you have nothing to lose.
Otherwise, you will probably die just as you are now, a cherry boy.
If you are happy, ignore what I say.

707 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 01:53:44
If you have sex with woman, you can discover your true sexuality.
Now, you like little boy because you understand them.
They are not scary like women, so it is easy for you.
Women are not so comfortable, they are very scary!
Still, you should take this risk for your life.
I hope you understand what I say.

708 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 02:09:44
kind of yeh..
I can understand how he felt poor michael
I became his fan after he died.

I never had a girl friend
and I'm in difficult time there's no 余裕 to have one even If I have chance now
and Its really difficult to have for me.
but yes I know I should try soon
should I go to soap ? cuz IF I can get a gf, if I don't know how to sex it make her. ?

and Yes I am verry shy

I don't want to die as being cheryboy or alone
thank you

I think habit is habit.

for now what I do is to live right
I am away from school thing for some years my communication skill is getting lower year by year
I really want to get back communication skills but I don't know how to.
I guess people think I m strange when I speak

709 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 02:11:02
I go to bed late and get up late
thats bad
I want to make it normal
Good night .thank you for advising me god bless you

710 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 02:37:22
I go to sleep late too. I know this is bad.
If you think you should go to soap, go to soap.
Maybe you should try with normal girl first, tell her you are cherry
and maybe she would understand.
for now, only try to talk with girls.
Maybe strange, but try girls you don't know?
This way, if they say no you don't care so much. Not like girls you
work with.

711 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 05:44:25
Did anyone else feel that earthquake just now?

712 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 05:50:51
NO i didn't

713 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 05:58:29
Actually, it was the third or forth one for the last few hours.

714 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 07:16:11
What's your plannig on 24 of next week?

715 :20mobile:2009/12/18(金) 07:17:26

716 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 07:21:52

FF related video.

717 :Ken-Sama ◆y4LREod3mk :2009/12/18(金) 18:57:04
Gomenasai 2ch, my name is Ken-Sama. Here is a picture of me http://i45.tinypic.com/33jpeua.jpg
I'm a 27 year old American Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins).
I draw Anime and Manga on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior Japanese games. (Disgaea, Final Fantasy, God Hand)
I train with my Katana every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times, and is vastly superior to any other weapon on earth.
I earned my sword license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day.
I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which I follow 100%
When I get my Japanese visa, I am moving to Tokyo to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture.
I hope I can become an animator for Studio Ghibli or a game designer!
I own several kimonos, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Japan, so I can fit in easier.
I bow to my elders and seniors and speak Japanese as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond.

Wish me luck in Japan!

718 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 19:51:34
I hope you are not pretending to be him and didn't post the photo without his
permission. It's better to attend university than high school.

719 :何玉鳳:2009/12/18(金) 20:07:55
Hahaha....Why don't you have a girl friend?
Why haven't you made any sex?
Can you being satisfied only with senzuri? And you did senzuri too much so that your penis became dark, didn't you?

720 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2009/12/18(金) 20:58:47
I wish you luck, Ken. or should I say Ken-Sama?
I agree with 718,since you are 27 not 17...but in the other hand,if you want learn the culture and language,I believe start form high school is better than choose start from university.
Anyway,you are the first one I know saying he knows everything about Japanese history and the bushido code...
To be honest,I'm really surprised...

721 :20yo:2009/12/18(金) 21:09:47
Cuz I am unreajew
yeh.. i am a hard onanist
I started when I was little.. yeah I do it too much... but my penis is not dark its color is normal
so I don't think onanie doesnt make it dark

722 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/18(金) 23:47:58
His kimono looks weird.

723 :20yo:2009/12/19(土) 00:11:22
Are there(Is thereですか?)any Native English speakers here??

724 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 00:20:18
Looks like his face is everywhere on the internet, making apologies for spamming.

725 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 03:19:26
No native English speaker here, I am Slovakian.
But English is good, I think. Many people tell me it is best they hear
from Slovak! I am happy with this. Now in U.S Army, I can be citizen
soon and I learn much English every day.

726 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 05:19:20
If you are deployed to Afgan and catch Osama, upload his pic here before
reporting to your boss.

727 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 06:25:54
Thank you for support! If I go, I will do. Write now, I live Japan on
military base. It is sugoi! Language is hard and all people think I am
American already so is difficult to explain to them. But now I try hard
learn 2 languages, so I come here to study much. this way, maybe learn

728 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 06:53:10
Hello Ken-San.
I am Japanese myself. Allow me to help you out with your hobby.
Firstly, Gomen Nasai is japanese for "I'm sorry". You were looking for "Konnichiwa", which means "hello."
Secondly, it is considered the height of rudeness and arrogance to refer to yourself as 'Ken-sama'. You should leave off the honorific when introducing yourself.
Otaku means 'obsessive', not 'anime fan'. It can be used to denote any person with an obsession with their hobby. Also, you cannot draw anime, as anime implies animation. You can produce it, but not draw it.
Your words on Katana and their capabilities are simply fabrications. Katana were deadly weapons, but cannot cut steel. And it is impossible for you to have a sword license, as you have not lived in Japan, and America does not issue sword licenses.
Kanji is a form of characters in the Japanese written language, not a dialect.
You are 27. No high school will permit you to attend, and as you are American, it is unlikely any Japanese company will hire you if you are resident, and have not responded specifically to position requiring an expat.
Kimono are only meant to be worn on special occasions. We wear normal clothes day to day, as any people do.
I hope you work harder to correct all these mistakes and mistakes, Ken-san.

729 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 07:31:36
Fat white guys in muu muus are not attractive to Japanese women, especially
if they say this muu muu is a kimono.

730 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 07:41:45
And he's an otaku. There's no way he can attract any woman by saying it out loud.
Personally, I have a great respect for him though. I bet it's not that easy to come out like that.

731 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 15:07:09
I think we should all pay respect to him since he is brave enough to put his photo online.
can anybody else do it like that? I don't think so.

732 :keira:2009/12/19(土) 15:12:20
yes, a few. :)
If you have and questions about grammar, I'll try my best to be helpful.

733 :Ken-Sama ◆y4LREod3mk :2009/12/19(土) 15:37:52
717 here. I posted 72 as well.
I'm not really "Ken-Sama". After reading some of the replies I felt a bit guilty so I had to confess.
It's a joke and supposed to be funny, it's a famous copy-paste.

734 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 15:55:07
It doesn't matter, Ken-sama. You're the last best hope; you are bringing rays of hope to darkness out there. Can't you see?
Yes, I can see millions of otaku starting to shine through your words, smile, and gentle eyes.
I, for one, believe in the power of love.

735 :20yo:2009/12/19(土) 16:09:27
Where are you from?
Ive seen your name here before
Arent you European??

736 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 16:10:39
I don't know what to say now..anyway,私はとても感动します。

Ah...Ken-san,thanks to you, Otaku like me could finally walk under the sun,feeling the power of light,to be free from the dark little room of our house.
To feel,to listen,to smell and to say anything at anywhere at any moment of my life!

737 :keira:2009/12/19(土) 16:56:23
No, I'm from the US. :)

lol, yes, breathe the free air again!

738 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 17:35:04
reply for:lol, yes, breathe the free air again!
oh my god!i'm out of the otaku life!
fresh air!freedom!all right ya,live a good life!
(for detail of info above,please watch The Simpsons movie,and you will understand)

739 :20yo:2009/12/19(土) 17:37:10
Thats nice

740 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 17:51:36


741 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 18:17:16

742 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 18:50:09

743 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/19(土) 19:59:33
What's the matter?

744 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 09:26:48
Don't worry, Otaku people.
Being a 2channeler is more embarrassing.
We can't say openly we are 2channelers orz.

745 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 09:45:14
NOTICE: Christmas this year is cancelled.

Christmas in Western countries is a family event where family members and
relatives get together and celebrate it. But Christmas in Japan is completely
different for young people and Christmas and Christmas Eve are considered
to be a special occasion of a year for couples. Couples here spend quality
time together on the days, like having special dinner and staying at a hotel and
all that. Of course making love is involved for some.

Men who don't have girlfriend to spend the days with feel ashamed and
kind of jealous of these couples. So around this time of year, men who aren't popular with girls
circulate an announcement jokingly on the Net that Chrstmas this year is canceled,
meaning there's no Christmas this year, as if it was an official annuoncement.
It's a humorous way of trying to preventing happy couples from spending a good time on
Christmas Eve and Chrsitmas. No men want to see happy couples walking hand in hand or
arm in arm on the street lined with Christmas decorations because they feel miserable.

746 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 10:05:16
Christmas Eve and Valentine Day are big occasions for sex in Japan.
How shameful!

747 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 11:46:04
Christmas isn't exist.
Christmas is a city legend.

748 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 11:58:07
♪ Silent Night

LONELY Nithg...

    |  ('A`)     
   / ̄ノ( ヘヘ ̄ ̄  

749 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 12:05:35
♪Surely, You will not come here ...

  I'm in ALONE X'mas Eve ...

:;:;:.::.: : : : ('A`)    : : : : : : : : : ::.::.:::;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
:;:;:. : : : : ノ( ヘヘ       : : : ::.::.:::;:;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
:;:;:;:.::.::. : :       ()   : : ::.::.:::;:;:;:;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
:;:;:;:.::.::.: : :     .,-♀i-、   : : ::.::.:::;:;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
:;:;:;:.::.::.: :    ,-|~~⌒~~|-、  : : ::.::.::.:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
:;:;:;.::.::.: :    ヽ、ー-‐‐' ノ   : : ::.::.:::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

750 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 14:26:31
Why do Japanese people celebrate christmas seeing as it is a religious festival?
I thought people weren't christian in Japan? I think it's stupid.

751 :20yo:2009/12/20(日) 14:32:18
OMG....Yukiya in Niconama is so cute...

752 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 14:46:37
What does santa and presents have to do with some guys supposed birthday?
But I'm sure you have no problem with that, and don't think it's stupid eh?

753 :20yo:2009/12/20(日) 15:01:36

754 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 15:24:00
this is the most confusing sentence...

755 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 15:27:42
I wanna watch you bleed.

756 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 16:53:35
Because our culture have been mixed with foreign one since the end of WW2.
Anyways we like festival so it is no problem man.
How about your christmas?

757 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 18:03:26
As some peoiple already answered, we put aside or are ingnorant of the religious aspect of Christmas and we are just surrounded by
Christmasy atmosphere around this time of year. It's about commercialism and whatnot.
The problem is even Holoween, another import of western culture, is getting popular year by year here.
If even Thanksgiving got popular and we started eating Turky on the day,
I'd drop the jaw to 100 feet underground.

Why we enjoy Christmas is probably why you watch football on Thanksgiving Day.
There's no connection between watching football and the background of Thanksgiving.
Maybe this compariosn is wrong but it's sure we enjoy Christmas without realizing its

758 :20yo:2009/12/20(日) 18:17:17
Onother day has come

759 : ◆vdwFM2YOFA :2009/12/20(日) 18:37:48 ?2BP(0)
I don't know English.

760 :20yo:2009/12/20(日) 18:43:06
me nightha

761 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 18:57:18
Thanks for the answer.
Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I meant I think that christmas is stupid.

762 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 19:58:56
I'm listening the song「最愛」 not the one sing by Fukuyama-san,but the one by navy&ivory-san ALONE.
How sad....~~~~(>_<)~~~~ /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~


763 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 20:08:39
is anbody here
nice to meet you
im new to this chat place

764 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 20:16:47
I'm here,from 732.
nice to meet you too,new guy.

765 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 20:17:51
oh, no I mean 762.

766 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 20:19:18

767 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 20:19:31
you have to rom 3 years.

768 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/20(日) 21:28:27
A: I’ve been thinking of taking a Crazy English course.Do you think it’s a good idea?
http://www.heygow.com/?p=253   http://www.heygow.com/?p=254
B: Sure! You should do anything you can to improve your English.
A: Really? Do you think English is that important?
B: Of course it is. In fact, I’ll even take the course with you if you want.
A: Great! It’s always better to do things with a friend.
B: Do you have the phone number? I need to call for registration.
http://www.heygow.com/?p=260  http://www.heygow.com/?p=261

769 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 06:32:34
Hi the thread has descended into the darkest depths of weirdness while
I traversed the entire continent of Europe.

I wish everyone in the northern hemisphere a very happy WINTER SOLSTICE.
This is the longest night, and it should be celebrated seriously.
Fortunately I am with my parents, so that counts as celebration.

Humans are stupid not to celebrate such an important natural event.

Unfortunately we ran out of white wine...

770 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 08:08:32
Do you know there are more than 40 people freezing to death this year in Europe?
You may want celebration,but there are 40 more families seriously don't want.

771 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 08:26:43
I'm not 769 but taking those people people for example to make your point doesn't sound
persuasive. I know you're just trying to troll, though.

772 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 08:33:39

Maybe >>770 is in deep depression and not in the mood for
some serious winter solstice celebration, who knows.

773 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 08:45:38


774 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 08:53:51
ok just finished watching the lovely Kat-tun boys' Break the Records at the
Dome, what an incredible gig, I wish I was there...
sigh... the longest night of 2009 will be over soon in my time zone.

775 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 09:21:28
Eu espero que você tenha um bom tempo com sua família no Natal.
Não se embebedar e ir ouside nu. Você ficaria congelado até a morte.

776 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/22(火) 13:48:37

This story is hilarious. This mom must have been in a cold sweat.

777 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/23(水) 12:40:45

Check this vid out! You'd be dumbfounded.
He's a comedian from France and seems like a real athlete.


778 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/23(水) 13:10:22

A prank video by the same comedian.

779 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 00:14:07
Eu nao entende Portugues.
Voce, Brasileiro?

780 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 00:46:09
Não, eu sou japonês.
boa noite!

781 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 00:49:21
Por que voce write en Portugues??
Boa noite..

782 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 11:14:27
guys????please remember this is:Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 138.

783 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 12:01:34
Do you Remember?
WHen We fall in love
we were young and inocent then

784 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 12:26:31
I guess that's from the lyrics of a song.

785 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 13:42:21
yea ts right.

*fell in love

786 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 14:25:35
Love can be likened to liquor.
Too much drinking is not good for your mental health.

787 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 14:31:12
Hi there!

788 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 15:03:00
There's a song called "love is like oxygen" by a rock group.
It goes "You get too much you get too high / Not enough and you're gonna die"

789 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 16:27:25
Hi, here!

790 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 16:41:50

791 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 21:24:31
Have you found a mate for Christmas Eve?

792 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 21:55:17
I listend some songs of finger 5 for the first time.

793 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/24(木) 22:16:01
Putting your fingers around your cock?

794 :20yo:2009/12/24(木) 23:14:04
not now

795 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 00:09:52
White Semen for you!
Not white Christmas.

796 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 01:38:30
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

797 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 11:25:51
Since I didn't have a girl to spend Christmas Eve with, I jacked off as usual. :)

It's Slim Shady in me who told me to do that.

798 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 11:49:48
You are not as cool as COOL TAK.

799 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 13:10:30
I think that it's a shameful phenomenon that a lot of stupid young couples spend
Christmas Eve at reserved hotel rooms to flirt with each other.
For Western people, Christmas Eve is a holy night(seinaru yoru), but for them, it's a sexual
night(seinaru yoru).

800 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 19:51:22
Not really, there aren't that many people that celebrate it as a religious holiday in the west.
Mostly it's a consumer event where you're told to buy stuff. It's really just kitsch.

801 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 20:26:50

{} _ \
|__ \
\o o)\)_______
(< ) /#######\
__{'~` }#########|
/ { _}_/########|
/ { / _|#/ )####|
/ \_~/ /_ \ |####|
\______\/ \ | |####|
|__[X]_____/ \###/
| |/ |
|___/ |___/
_| /_| /

802 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 21:25:36
I thought it was a bum or a peasant.

803 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/25(金) 23:19:17
fuck you

804 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 01:01:52
I have an intense interest in educational books on art instruction that extends beyond my own necessity.
"How to draw manga" books tend to have a very bad reputation in english-speaking countries and I refuse to believe
that's the extent of the materials available in Japan, would you happen to know of any particularly good books?

To be more specific, books pertaining to fundamentals of drawing for illustration in which ever medium
is the main focus of my research. This may include comics, animation, painting or commercial illustration etc.

Thank you for any assistance, I wish you all the best for the new year.

805 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 10:46:48
That's a relief. We don't feel ashamed of ourselves so much now.
Even though the Japanese are erotic animals, Westerners are economic animals.
And so far from God.

806 :firestar:2009/12/26(土) 15:45:27
so what did you faggots do for xmas?

  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

807 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 15:55:52
You speak first please, Mr. firestar.

808 :firestar:2009/12/26(土) 16:05:56
i ate xmas dinner with my family

809 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 16:12:27
i shat on you but didn't tread on you.

      ∬ ∬   
 +     人    
+    (__) 
 +   ( __ ) 
  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

810 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 16:19:41
I was studying English, the same as usual eve.

811 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 16:22:03
Is that all? You must tell us what you did from morning till night.

812 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 16:56:18
I suppose you were jerking off all day, imagining fucking him.

813 :firestar:2009/12/26(土) 16:58:51
i was sleeping then came dinner

  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

814 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 18:19:49
All we can do is the same as you can do: Google

Obviously manga technique book written in Japanese is easy to get and
large numbers. But I guess you prefer a book written in English...

815 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 19:04:11
What kind of food did you eat, if you don't mind my asking?

816 :firestar:2009/12/26(土) 19:22:08
i was shown how to make the borscht, there was also ham and several other foods that i did not eat
the borscht is good
it is the best soup ever

817 :何玉鳳:2009/12/26(土) 19:43:21
Is "Jerking off" a meaning "Senzuring"?

818 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 19:59:55
Yes, you jerk your dick a thousand times.

819 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:05:06
As far as you are concerned, the word is not applicable.
That is becasue you easily come with only " three times and a halfzuring"

820 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:14:36
For you it is ichizuri

821 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:19:47
Some people cum without zuring i.e. a wet dream.
Do you?

822 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:20:09
fuck u

823 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:29:44
Energy‐saving is good for the earth.

824 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:33:55
No one watches what u said...

oh..missed!!! I imagine what it would be like to enjoy with her.hehehe

825 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 20:44:00
Actually quite the opposite, the only reason I need assistance is I'm looking for these books in Japanese, not English.
I only wish to compare how the top books you have available on the subject compare to those that we have over here,
seeing the diagrams would be enough to provide the information I need to form a conclusion on the differences.

826 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 22:02:36
From Amazon

http://tinyurl.com/yhnaoeh man and woman, young and old characters
http://tinyurl.com/ygmrkc8 exclusive for girl characters
http://tinyurl.com/ygk7tu3 Entry level how to write manga (You can see some pages of this book)

http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/hikaru-n/kakikata/index.html Website

I don't know if the links above cater to your need but I think you can get glimps of
the how to books. Among some books on Amazon, you can see some pages but others
you can only see the cover of a book so it's better you go to a bookstore, and
see contents first hand.

I don't know what book is considered to be a how-to-write manga bible
so all I can do is google search.

I typed マンガ 描き方 in Amazon's search and get this result.
http://tinyurl.com/yz7dn39 result page 1
http://tinyurl.com/ykt8c5v result page 2
http://tinyurl.com/yjch36g result page 3
Lots of books are available but again, it's better to see first hand, I guess.

827 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 22:59:12
"All we want for Christmas is a job."
Japanese high school students who are to start working after graduation said.

828 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/26(土) 22:59:31
Thank you! That at least confirms my suspicions that you do have better books available
than those that have been translated to english, how ever something has caught me by surprise.


This book is one of the best if not the best we have, but the original English version
has been out of print for decades despite being in high demand. I am shocked and delighted
to find that you still have it available. I have to inform my colleagues.

829 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 10:27:40
My pleasure.
That book you linked to is rated high in Amazon's review, too.

Over the course of searching for manga technique books, I found that some books are not
confined to just explaining drawing techniques. Some explains in detail how to develop a storyline
how to make a plot and all. Just having good drawing techninques isn't
enough to become a cartoonist, although in some manga, a manga drawere and
a person who creats storyline are two different people.

I think skills required to become long manga and four frame manga are different, too.

830 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 10:51:41
Manga is different from comics and it's a kind of Japanese soul, equivalent to American Hollywood movies.

831 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 14:22:00
That is the same as here, most comics are produced by a team ranging from writers, pencil artists,
ink artists and colourists. But just as often authors will produce works entirely on their own.

Many comic authors here strive to achieve the same quality in their work but the industry here is far
from being as well established or accepted in mainstream literature as your own. Those authors are far
fewer and finding their work outside of specialized stores or without research is nearly impossible,
that's a big reason why Japanese comics and animation have been so popular here, most have never been
exposed to our English equivalents.

While I am at it I also often enjoy drawing in a PaintChat, it would be interesting for me if I could
participate in a Japanese session some time, would you happen to know one?

832 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 14:47:19
I've never heard of PaintChat. What is it like?

833 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:00:38
I don't know how these drawing SNS works but you might want to check this article.

Probably they provide their services only in Japanese so you need to know
basic or intermidiate or even advanced Japanese to navigate in there.
But you have good intuitions to navigate Japanese websites, you may
be able to enjoy them without understanding Japanese.

I didn't know what PaintChat thingy is and how it works. It seems like you
need to download software or something and I don't think I'm going to
try it to take a peek to see what it'slike.

834 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:03:30
By the way, when you say drawing in >>831, does it mean you draw on PC with
a pen with which you draw a picture on a pad connected to PC or something?

835 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:08:08
Do you know Japanese classical animation titled 桃太郎 海の神兵?
I think it was superior to Fantasia, regarding imagination.

836 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:17:50
I have my ways of navigating through foreign sites, this software allows you to share a single canvas with
multiple users so you can collaborate and share art. I had known of the site you linked but I often found it
empty and was hoping that someone here might have known somewhere better.

Yes, I have a USB device known in English as a "graphics tablet" which uses a stylus to draw directly into
the computer. Specifically I own a "Wacom Bamboo", it is far easier and more intuitive to draw with than a mouse.

837 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:23:09
I haven't, I will try to find it online later today and have a look. I was originally studying to become an
animator so such things always interest me.

838 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 15:36:35
Oh forgive me I was looking at the wrong link at the time. I already have an account on Pixiv but it's not what I'm looking for, http://www.paintchat.jp/ features an example of the software I mentioned.

839 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/27(日) 16:11:24
There's a link to this page http://tinyurl.com/65k3nf in the article of
>>833's link.

I don't know these sites cater to your need, though. Just in case you missed these


This service in "Kokuban" http://kokuban.in/relay/ seems to be for user's claboration.
Adding some touches to first drawing until you get finished drawing done.

840 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/28(月) 23:34:21
What happened to you? All alive?

841 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/28(月) 23:40:48
i can't find any interesting threads on this board.
do you know any?

842 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 00:07:47
I found this thread interesting, however you didn't?

843 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 00:16:34
oh! excuse me. i didn't think.
maybe i should use this thread so that i can find it interesting...

844 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 01:36:16
do any of you know dejima board?
what's that for?

845 :イギリス人:2009/12/29(火) 05:27:12
Did you have it with sour cream? If not, unless you're allergic to it,
it's inexcusable. But I must agree. Hate beetroot, but borscht is really

846 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 07:34:22
>>840 I am alive! truly beaming with life.

Genki desu.

847 :20y:2009/12/29(火) 12:45:44
bena wile
cuz ma pc's broken
nd I got nw PC righ now
its fast!
but ma data has gone
I can't ask GYOUSHA to import datas cuz there's auto porno in there.
its hazukashi to been saw by them

848 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 16:04:45
I thought you are Japanese.
Where are you from?

849 :20y:2009/12/29(火) 16:11:23
yeah im japanese
im from kansai area

850 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 16:46:15
It seems almost all people here love Eros. The rest love money.

851 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 21:49:56
Unplug the harddrive from your old computer and plug it into the new one.
It's easy. If you need help just search the internet.

852 :20y:2009/12/29(火) 22:53:16
no no!
its not that easy thing
I have asked on the internet and also asked to a Joshin clark
but its not that easy thing

853 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/29(火) 23:48:17
Most difficult thing is to make you quit your erotic hobby.

854 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 01:02:41
Happy Holiday Season イギリス人!
I wish Ryoko Hirosue and you a wonderful 2010.

855 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 13:58:00
Another former Johnney's boy was arrested on the charge of illegal drug use yesterday.
Their glory days are all gone and some of the former boys can't forget their glory days
and feel lonly. That leads to illegal drug use.

856 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 15:02:38
They were merely puppets of entertainment industry.
Then the tragedy started.

857 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 15:07:15
Ryoko Hirosue allegedly sold her body to Katuei Hiraswa,
a police bureaucrat turned LDP politician,
in order to escape being arrested for illegal drug use.
Is this true?

858 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 16:56:36
Okay, so, one of my favourite musicians who is American just tweeted;
It was settled that his upcoming album's title is LOVE MACHINE.
I really want to stop him doing that, though I don't think he would know why.

859 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 19:44:29
>>855 which Johnny was that? kwsk please...

that is why a lot of their talents want to quit and start a normal life.
I think their life is truly tragic. It must be full of sadness and despair for them.

860 :片岡数吉 ◆/LbFhCysRJTU :2009/12/30(水) 19:50:26

861 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 20:12:12
What are you excited about?

862 :片岡数吉 ◆/LbFhCysRJTU :2009/12/30(水) 20:16:00
I wil never never be a puppet!

863 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/30(水) 20:18:44
But you are cute indeed...

864 :イギリス人:2009/12/30(水) 21:00:17
Thank you! May you also have a happy Between-Christmas-And-New-Year period
too! On that note, I've heard that the new(ish) film Goemon (with Hirosue)
isn't very good, but I'll watch it today anyway.

In not quite sure how widespread they are, but there's a group of Christians
known as "Jehovah's Witnesses". Part of their religion tells them to go from
door to door, knocking and asking if people have 'found Jesus' yet, hoping
to be invited in for some tea and a chat about religion. Most of the time
they are just turned away. They also always refuse blood transfusions and
don't recognise Christmas. Anyway, the point of my story is that they never
send "Happy Christmas" cards, but they do send "Happy Holiday Season".

We have a Liberal politician called Lembit Öpik. He was initially involved
in a relationship with a weathergirl, then one half of a (terrible) music act
called the "Cheeky Girls", and now some model. Anyway, this is just an excuse
to show you some terrible music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7AFZXgjrgg
Enjoy. I'm sorry...

865 :スコットランド人:2009/12/31(木) 04:37:13
A late Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year, English board I haven't posted on in ages.

In other news, the international イギリス人 is the world's foremost problem.

866 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 04:45:13
Open up the case of your computer, look on the back, there should be some screws on the side.
Your hard drive should be mounted at the front of the case, don't mistake the dvd drive for the hard drive.
Just unplug the cables and unmount it.
Look on the hard drive, it should have a label. Is it IDE or SATA?
If it's SATA, just take the old SATA data cable that was plugged into it in the old computer, mount the hard drive, and plug in the data cable into the hard drive.
Then plug the other end into your motherboard. Look for similar cables.
Then you need to plug a sata power cable leading from your power supply (PSU) into the hard drive. Tada!

867 :イギリス人:2009/12/31(木) 10:31:02
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?

868 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 12:23:08
What happened between them?

869 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 15:20:51
His name is Akira Akasaka, aged 36.
This is a footage of when he was sent to a police station or somewhere after
being arrested on the charge of using stimulant drugs. This is his second time being
arrested due to the use of the same drug. His arrest this time happened
when he was in probation period of three years.

He was a member of Hikaru Genji. The group was very popular from mid 80's to mid 90's??? (I'm not not sure) until they
broke up. They released smash hits beck then. They wore roller skate shoes while they sang.
We have seldom chances to see each member on TV anymore. Show business is dog-eat-dog industry.

He was the second or third least popular member among Hikari Genji members so
TV camera crew didn't film him much so it was hard to spot him in the videos.

Do you regcongnize any differences between current Johnny's boys and
those of back then? I don't think there're any differences particulary
in essence in regards to gimmics and whatnot, although I recognize
their hair styles are different.

870 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 15:23:25
X...among Hikari Genji members
O...among Hikaru Genji members

871 :firestar:2009/12/31(木) 16:09:26
soon it will be 2010

872 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 16:45:49
I hope Japan will not sink next year.

873 :スコットランド人:2009/12/31(木) 19:05:05
And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught, for auld lang syne. Several gallons in fact.

Also, will anyone here be watching Kouhaku this year? I'll be rooting for red, especially
with AKB48 being there. Not that I'll actually be watching it live or anything though.

874 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 19:21:06
>>869 thank you for enlightening me on the topic. Unfortunately
I currently cannot access the video clips. It looks like
this whole industry is based on the exploitation of kids from
poor families. As someone stated here before, the entertainment
industry seems to be closely linked with
the underground networks. It is inevitable that the former talents
turn into substance abuse.
I think the difference between the former Johnny's and current ones
is that nowadays they are much tuned to the desires of a female audience,
which is very difficult to pinpoint. Their marketing managers have done
a lot of research about the women who follow these acts and they design
their shows around their findings. If you watch the Break the Records
show at the Dome you will see what I mean.

875 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 20:32:09
I'm afraid to say, things are not that simple.
If you lived Japan, you would understand...

876 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 21:40:18
I become a global trader.

877 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 23:41:28
>>875 you are right, I am making guesses at a complicated subject but
>>874 obviously is not the whole explanation. It is one of the facts that
constitute this issue.
I read in an article that japanese women want to be entertained by men
who do not look or behave like their bosses, husbands,
fathers, brothers, etc who treat them according to a traditional
gender hierarchy. (I will post the article if I can find it again.)
They want the entertainers to be the complete opposite. They even
want to see their ikemen tortured a little. Watch Kamenashi jump off
tens of meters, fly in the air with fireworks in hand, get soaked
senseless under buckets of water .... etc etc. Looks like the female
audience let off pressure by watching them tortured.

878 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2009/12/31(木) 23:42:24
watching them being tortured. sorry

879 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 00:12:56
i have a question...
tonight, i took my normal masturbation session and did it with a twist: i managed to put a torch up my butt to help me
it works really well but something very strange is happening. after i remove the torch, i look at it to see that it's covered in my cum (it has not been near my penis) and i touch my anus and feel cum coming out.
is this ok?

880 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 00:59:42
I hope you will not sink into a pool of cum this year.

881 :スコットランド人:2010/01/01(金) 01:08:48

I wasn't expecting this.

882 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 02:23:20
Yeah, she was a special guest on the show. I enjoyed her performance.
White won on the Kohaku show this year, by the way, although this music program is not
serious win or lose competition. This is more like a music festival and
win or lose doesn't matter.

On another channel, the man who became the champion on the same aidition
program made appearance live. I forgot the name of the man who worked at a mobile
phone shop, if I'm not mistaken. I have seen him on TV before so I'm sure
this wasn't his first visit to Japan.

Even after she devorced, she seems to maintain her pupularity to a certain extent.
It used to be that a devorce, especially for women, worked negatively to market themselves in
Japanese show business but for a decade or so, actresses who devorced maintain their popularity even after
devorce. This may be a sign that in Japanese society, devorce is more common and people are more
tolerant and a devorce is more acceptable thing.

Some Japanese believe Jehovah's Witnesses here in Japan and I know they refuse blood transfusions.
Japan is a country of freedom of religion you believe but I don't buy the
idea of refusing blood transfusions. Someone I know was on the verge of getting married with a woman
he went out for a certain period but at the last minute, he found out
she and her family believe Jehovah's Witnesses.
He ended up not getting married with her. He loved her and understands freedom of
religion but decided not to get married with her. The fact that his kids
in the future couldn't get blood transfusions if he got married with her
made him have the second thought about tying the knot with her.

883 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 02:35:25

AKB48 from this year's Kohaku. I'm certain that it'll be deleted by Youtube soon
because of copy right infringement. Enjoy!

884 :片岡数吉 ◆/LbFhCysRJTU :2010/01/01(金) 02:49:42
i have a question...
tonight, i took my normal masturbation session and did it with a twist:
i managed [ to put a torch up my butt [ to help me ] .
it works really well but something very strange is happening.
[ after i remove the torch ],
i look at it [ to see
[ that it's covered in my cum
(it has not been near my penis) ]
and i touch my anus and feel [ cum coming out ].
is this ok?

is your cunt anus penis?

885 :スコットランド人:2010/01/01(金) 04:14:10
Ah, I see. So it's like a friendly competition then? I was surprised to see Susan Boyle
on there, I don't think she was on the artist listing thing that I saw a while ago.

Also, I think that other guy's name was Paul Potts?

That was amazing. All three teams and even SKE48 members. I wonder how audience
members who don't really know AKB48 yet reacted to that.

886 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 11:45:26
I suppose he is not aware that he is female.
The penis is his(her) huge clit and the anus is his pussy.
Therefore he is just a 潮吹き女. I hope he will realize that this year.

887 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 11:52:06
Then everything will be okay.

888 :片岡数吉 ◆/LbFhCysRJTU :2010/01/01(金) 11:56:06
cum all over your face?

889 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/01(金) 12:06:11
I meant he (she) is an all-time masturbater, Not me.
I like masturbating though.

890 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 00:38:57
Yeah, friendly competition no one is so serious about.
She was a special guest singer so it's natural that she wasn't on the artist listing.
The guest singer for White wasn't on the listing, either. He is Japanese but
had refused to participate in Kohaku for a long time because he thought Kohaku isn't
his cup of tea and participating in Kohaku will damage his image as the king of Rock in Japan.
He's 60 years old and I don't think he's popular among young people but
he has avid fan base of people from around 40 and older.

Being invited to participate in Kohaku is certainly a status symbol for most of the
singers but for some singers, who are only a few in number refuse to join
the event even though they are asked to. I think he refused to participate in
Kohaku the way other singers do. I think he only accepted the idea of
participating in Kohaku as a special guest.

And yes, he is Paul Potts.

891 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 11:45:14
How are you spending New Year's Holidays?

Watching TV all day? TV programs this season is full of special programs
to watch and fun.

892 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 12:15:43
All the TV programs are boring to me. So I prefer watching videos on the internet.
I like surfing on the net to find my special ones.

893 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 12:25:42
You must be violating copyrights law.

894 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 12:36:30
Uploading might be, yet Downloadings aren't against any laws.
>>893 Could you enlighten me about that?

895 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 12:53:11
Don't know anything about such laws. I just thought that's illegal.
I don't like people who use file sharing software to downlaoad free
music and videos which you are supposed to pay for.

896 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 13:38:34
So you don't watch Ytube, do you?
Watching it means "download softs" unwittingly.

897 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 16:44:13
If so, you guys should watch "mirrors" or "prison break".
These movies make us excite.

898 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 17:10:28
Who cares?
As long as you're careful and you know what you are doing, no one can catch you.

899 :firestar:2010/01/02(土) 19:16:29
do any of yinz live here?


900 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/02(土) 21:23:03
The jobless used to be older people. Nowadays it's spreading young people.
And hopeless is spreading over Japan. I need hope!
By the way, the capsule hotel is becoming "must go spot" among visitors from overseas.
Make sure you go there when you come to Japan.

901 :firestar:2010/01/03(日) 03:15:25
if i were planning a trip to japan, i do not think that the capsule hotels would be on my to see list.

902 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/03(日) 13:35:46
What a pity!
Just after the last war, Japanese houses were described as rabbit hutches(which are no longer exist).
Contemporary culture started from the rabbit hutch.
If you stay at the capsule hotel, you will know the origin of us.

903 ::2010/01/03(日) 13:39:44
Why do we chat in dirty englis?

904 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/03(日) 14:54:44
All my haters in one place...........

905 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/03(日) 15:18:50
Then leave before it's too late.

906 :20y:2010/01/03(日) 15:23:43
my throat is weak
it easly get hurt and cant do high voice
its reallly hard to sing a MJ's song or whateva even I like to sing.. SHit!!

907 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 19:32:11
I don't know here is a place like this!
But, to my embarrassment, I'm not good at English:(
So, I need a tool to translate English.
But the translation of their web services is low and difficult to use features.
What would I do... I'm sad...

908 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 20:00:14
Hey, don't worry about your English.
You should aim for「Not beautiful but eloquent」English.

909 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 21:01:17
I know my English is sexy and erotic, so mind your own business and don't tell me what to do.

910 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 21:15:53
Writing sexy and erotic English is hardest for me.
Please show me your sexy and erotic English.

911 :スコットランド人:2010/01/04(月) 21:49:25
Oh, I see. Who was that male guest singer, by the way? Eikichi Yazawa? I still haven't
watched the whole thing. I don't really understand why he would be so against the idea
of participating as a team member and then show up as a guest anyway. If he wanted
to show that he was against Kouhaku or something, wouldn't it make more sense to just
not participate at all?

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

912 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 22:13:47
If I'm allow to state my opinion,
The 紅白歌合戦 has been a new year's eve National event so no one can ignore it.
But it's kind of ダサイ which impairs his cool image.
He probably doesn't want to participate as a team member.

913 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 22:14:11
Great Scott!!!

914 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 22:19:25
If I'm allowed to
I always make mistakes.

915 :スコットランド人:2010/01/04(月) 22:32:33
Ah yeah, I kind of get that. He probably isn't actually against Kouhaku then.
He wanted to keep his cool image but didn't want to be too controversial, I guess.

916 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 23:53:04
>>912 is right and I try explaining further the background of Kohaku and its image.

Other than Eikichi yazawa, there are some singers including bigwigs of Japan's music scene
who refuse to participate in Kohaku because they don't want to keep their images
and want to make an impressions on general public that they're different from singers who
participate in Kohaku.

Kohaku at the end of 2009 marked 60th anniversary and there was a time it was extremely popular
and boasted 60-70% (or more?)TV rating. Until two decades ago or so, it had been a national pastime
to watch NHK's Kohaku at the last day of any year. I think at first Enka (Japanese version of Country and Western, perhaps?)
singers showed big presense in old times and then gradually pop music and rock singers made the list of Kohaku gradually.
It's considered to be a big honor to participate in Kohaku for most of the singers in Japan but
for some singers it's considred not so cool as >>912 say.

Because of tastes in music of Japanes people has diversified especially for young people and
it has not been necessarily a national pastime to watch Kohaku so it's TV
rating dropped gradually over the past 20 or more years. Old Enka singers don't sell many CDs
but thanks to their name values, they keep make appearance on the show.
Young people started to watch other shows than Kohaku.

917 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/04(月) 23:54:38
NHK has tried to get TV viewers back over the many years but they have had hard time gaining back
TV viewership. Asking Eikichi Yazawa and other singers who refused to participate in Kohaku
has been one of NHK's tactics to get more TV rating. Some still refuse to
participate. Eikich Yazawa is said to refuse many times for the past years.
But this year, Eikich Yazawa is 60 years old and Kohaku marked 60th anniversary.
So NHK desperately emphasize the relevance this year's 60th Kohaku and his appearance
on the show because he's 60 years old.

NHK even offered him a special guest status and offered him singing
two songs, which he did so in the show. Yazawa accepted NHK's idea because
of NHK's enthusiasm. NHK is desperate to getmore viewership.
Of course Eikich Yazawa's Kohaku appearance only can't stop viewership
dropping so NHK has tried new ideas in the show for ovet the years.
This year Suzan Boyle also is one of NHK's tactics to get more TV rating.

Eikich Yazawa's appearance on the show don't appeal to teens and young people
but I think around mid 30 or older people, his appearance on the show must have been
exciting thing. This year's TV rating is 40% or so and NHK's been doing
pretty good job for the past some years stopping TV rating's dropping.

I don't care Eikich Yazawa at all but I was curius how he'd perform in Kohaku.
He commented in the show he was honored and I think he actually was because of
NHK's red carpet treatment to him but the chance of him making appearance on the
show from the next year is almost nill because of his stance on Kohaku.

918 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/05(火) 01:46:48
I myself watched him sing in Kohaku on Youtube but the video seems to have been
deleted. NHK is very quick when it comes to dealing with copyright.

919 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/05(火) 14:49:11
People in Japan is said to gain some weight on New Year's holidays because
they eat many rice cakes as well as special dishes made for New Year's holiday
in specially desigened several-boxes-tall piled up boxes.

I gained two kilos. It feels like my body is heavier.

920 :20y:2010/01/05(火) 17:56:48
ia that true that Justin Bieber was killed????

921 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 10:54:59
yes, I have read it is confirmed.

922 :20y:2010/01/06(水) 14:36:25

923 :20y:2010/01/06(水) 15:14:20


Justin Bieber, the 15 year old pop sensation from Canada, has died following a gunshot wound sustained during a late night altercation in west Manhattan.

Detectives say Bieber and his alleged girlfriend Selena Gomez attempted to enter a New York City nightclub with fake IDs but were recognized by several patrons.
Witnesses claim Bieber was belligerent and threatened to shoot one of the bouncers. Justin subsequently reached into his coat pocket and withdrew what the NYPD has claimed to be a small .
25 caliber pistol. James Rodriguez, an on duty police officer at the scene, responded by shooting Bieber once in the head. It was later determined that Beiber's handgun was errantly loaded with .22 caliber ammunition.

Paramedics arrived on scene shortly after the shooting but were unable to resuscitate Bieber, who was pronounced dead shortly before 11pm EST.
The area surrounding Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Manhattan's West 51st street has been closed off and witnesses are being questioned as the investigation into this tragic event continues.
No statement has been released by Bieber's family or publicist, and no one else was injured during the altercation. Although toxicology reports have not yet been issued,
several tablets of the prescription drug Dilauded were found on Gomez' person and it is speculated that both her and Bieber were intoxicated.


924 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 16:01:13
I watched a comment that said I watched the new on CNN.
So I have searched it for a while but yet I can't find it:<

925 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 16:03:39
Stick to writing in English even if you think you bother to do so.
Ive never heard of him but this incident, whether be true or not, somehow reminds me River Phoenix's

926 :20y:2010/01/06(水) 17:11:56
yeah, I think its just a rumor now.
but I wonder why so many people say 'its true!'in yahoo answers.
Are they all his ahters???

I'm sorry I don't understand English well but oh yeah
River Phoenix I know him
He was a kid actor in Stand By Me.
I think most of shotacons would watch that movie and cries. when they are adult.
Maybe MJ did too.
and there are fans of him.
But I liked Gordie than Phonex when I saw that movie few years ago.
I dont know how I think if I watch it now again.
howevwer , boy's death is sadness.
i don't to want to hear the news that youngs kids dies

Anyways I have to make a change for once in my life.
My MSN messenger mate told me I shohuld watch the movie 'The Seacret'
he said it made him to think he want to change.
I don't it is in TSUTAYA.

927 :20:2010/01/06(水) 17:14:43
*I don't wan to

928 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 17:17:11
If my memory serves right, the boy in the movie, Terminator died, too?
I think he played Sarah Coner's son.

929 :20y:2010/01/06(水) 17:31:39
He's Edward Furlong is not dead.

Brad Renfro is dead.

I havent seen Renfro's movie though.

I know they 2 were popular 美少年

930 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 18:11:08
Hey, guys. Read it carefully.

931 :20y:2010/01/06(水) 18:20:32
I read it!

932 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/06(水) 22:14:28
I feel times are changing.
Singers used to rely on the power of 紅白.
But now, the 紅白 relies on individual singers for its prosperity.

The future of those who belong to the government or big companies used to be regarded as rosy.
Now I feel kind of hopeless.
It's time I should count on myself.

933 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/07(木) 00:30:06
You can say that 100 times.

934 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/07(木) 00:38:02
>But now, the 紅白 relies on individual singers for its prosperity.
I felt so too.
It may mean that the power of television is growing weak.

935 :firestar:2010/01/07(木) 14:51:39
if you fools ever want to watch my livestream please feel free to click:


  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

i mostly stream USA tv news, which is mostly endless ads...

936 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/07(木) 16:55:07
Are you acw?

937 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/07(木) 17:52:22
I am Gundam.

938 :20y:2010/01/07(木) 20:03:29
Arseny is so cute and beautiful boy!!
He is 14 year old Russian boy and I talked with him on skype and he showed me himself on webcam
Ive seen his picture before but He in move was much more beautiful
it was nice to see him on webcam!1

939 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/07(木) 23:58:52
You must be naked to show yourself.

940 :firestar:2010/01/08(金) 00:39:01
well one of the libtards got me shut down.
once i make a new one i'll link it

941 :firestar:2010/01/08(金) 06:47:31
now located at:


lets see how long this one lasts

and such

942 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 00:33:39
I'm one of fools and you are...

943 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 01:45:55
seems like it doesn't broadcast anything now.

944 :firestar:2010/01/09(土) 07:44:42
ya one of the freedom hating leftists keeps following me around getting me shutdown.
so i will take a break and change my naming scheme in the future

  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

and chiruno
for filler

945 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 09:26:48
oh no. "Kamenashi and KyonKyon split" rumours everywhere.
I dont want to believe it. Say it is not true.
my favourite chronophilic couple is no more.
The entertainment industry has destroyed their true love.

946 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 10:30:06
This thread is absolutely absurd.

947 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 10:33:58
Yukorin? I also adore it.

948 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 14:48:49
I saw(listened) the last day of Berlin Philharmonic Silvester concert on NHK.
And I was quite astonished by the performance of Thomas Quasthoff.
He gave me a great power to live my life. Thank you, Thomas!

949 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 16:24:51
Yeah, I saw an advert of a weekly tabloid type of magazine on newspaper
that touches on some of the featured stories of the magazine.
The alleged breakup of KyonKyon and Kamenashi is one of them.

I highly doubt this will make you feel any better but another big couple have emerged.
It's Amuro Namie (singer)and Atushi Tamura (comedian).
Amuro was a Japan's pop music icon who was extremely popular in 1990's and even after
the turn of the century. If you have no clues about how she was popular in her prime,
it's easy for you to think she was like a Britney Spears in Japan.
They have lots in common, they debuted early, they can dance and they
got married with a dancer.

She got devorced with a dancer who is about 15 years older than her
7 years ago. It was a shotgun marrage and she has a kid now. Age gap is something
that could be a hurdle to keep marrage going although nobody is certain if it's
the reason.

Atsushi Tamura isn't good looking but he's popular with girls because
he knows how to please girls and know inside-out how to tickle women's heart.
Comedians here are quite popular with girls. Their status in Japanese show business
has gone up higher than ever.

Their relationship has just started but media detected their private trip including
their friends to Arizona, U.S, on this past New Year's holidays. He responded to media
reporters admitting they are in relationship.

One of her signature songs.
"Body feels exit" OH MY this certainly is EngRish. Orz...

950 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 17:04:00
I believe it's all women who are interested in KyonKyon and Kamenashi.
I don't care about KyonKyon and Kamenashi things at all.

951 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 17:11:16
KyonKyon is a shining star and a hope for some middle aged women.
Demy Moore is perhaps an equivalent of KyonKyon?
She's married with Ashton Cutcher a lot younger than her and very handsome.

952 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 17:33:05
I think only well-educated people in Japan can discuss such complex and sensitive topics as celeb gossips.

953 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 17:37:57
You said it with tongue in cheek...

954 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 18:48:38
No, she said it with cock in cheek.

955 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 21:27:06
You're the only one who thinks it's funny.

956 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/09(土) 22:08:00
You're the only one who thinks it's well-educated.

957 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 01:58:10
James Brown is dead.

958 :片岡数吉、杉の井ホテルから:2010/01/12(火) 02:02:34
Does a cock in cheek mean a cock pressing my cheek from inside or outside?

959 :片岡数吉、杉の井ホテルから:2010/01/12(火) 02:04:29
It's James Dean that's dead, you know?

960 :片岡数吉、杉の井ホテルから:2010/01/12(火) 02:07:41
I didn't imagine the computer can develope this much twenty years ago....
Did you?

961 :片岡数吉、杉の井ホテルから:2010/01/12(火) 02:32:36
where are you hiding?

962 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 03:29:57
any native speaker here?
i have some questions about english.
whats the difference between↓

baptize and christen
ambush and lurk
endanger and jeopardize
evade and elude
baffle and confound
delegate and relegate
frugal and sparing
sear and scorch
vile and lousy
accommodating and benign
adept and proficient
arduous and strenuous

please teach me the differences

963 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 04:04:14

Do you sing off key like her?
If so, it's not the end of the world. You can still be popular by the
way you sing even if you sing off key.

964 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 04:13:03

965 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 04:20:16
oyagadekinaikoto kodomoga dekirutodemo omottennno?????

966 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 12:19:23
accord and agree
achieve and accomplish

967 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 12:30:05
anal and anus

968 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 14:16:50
I am free.
Please talk with me.

969 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 15:36:21
where do you guys live?

970 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:00:13
I'm a robotinOsaka.

971 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:08:24
Speaking kill.
How do I improve this?

I'm so serious, so ardent ,and so desperate about aquiring the speaking skill no inferior to natives,
because, in an interview for my next job, I declared that my English skills, especially speaking, are so nice that I can communicate with porple from abroad without any problem.

So, how should I do?
The fiest day I work is another 3 weeks ahead.
I've got to master speaking by then.

Tell me what to do.
I've never been so anxious in my life.

972 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:11:16

973 :971:2010/01/12(火) 16:11:28
To sum up, 971 can be summarized as:

Among four major English skills, 'speaking' is definitely the one I have no confidence in.
I appreciate it if anyone could provide me with any information or advice.

974 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:19:38
It IS the end of the world.
She could be able to terminate our species.

975 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:35:07
human affirmative

976 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 16:42:08
Vibrate your vocal cord enough. Don't forget to breath in or else
you'd faint.

977 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 17:12:54

This site gives you one-stop solution if you double as an avid porn fan and
Twitter addict.

978 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/12(火) 18:21:05
Take it

979 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 03:57:29
>baptize and christen
same thing
>ambush and lurk
an ambush is when you come out to suprise somebody and normally do something violent to them afterwards. lurking is another word for sneaking i think
>endanger and jeopardize
endanger is a verb. it means to put something into danger. jeopardise is the same thing but i think you would use endanger for when you mean a living thing and jeopardise for other things
>evade and elude
they mean the same thing but you would use evade for physically dodging something and elude for saying that you completely don't understand something
>baffle and confound
same meaning, use confound when you want to sound smart and use baffle for anything else.
you can't say "this confounds me" like you can say "this baffles me" though.
>delegate and relegate
delegate is a person that represents someone else (or a whole group of people). relegate is the opposite of promote
>frugal and sparing
frugal is more to do with money, while sparing can be used for anything else
>sear and scorch
sear is burning something by touching it with something very hot, while scorch is without touching. nobody will notice the difference if you get this wrong though (i even had to look this up myself)
>vile and lousy
vile means disgusting, lousy has the same meaning as useless but it's not as strong
>accommodating and benign
benign means nice and kind, accomodating probably means that someone is nice enough to let you stay at their home
>adept and proficient
>arduous and strenuous
same meaning but i guess strenuous can mean more of a mental thing aswell

980 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 06:52:05
Benign means harmless, not kind.
Accommodating means gracious. Ex.= Linda was a very accommodating host when
I stayed at her house over the weekend. Ex. Diane hosts a lovely
dinner party! She is so gracious and accommodating. When I spilled
wine on my blouse, she loaned me a new one and immediately washed mine.
An ex. for the word benign is, "When Laurie found a lump on her breast,
She was terrified she might have cancer. Luckily, when she went to
the Doctor, he told her the lump was benign."
Christian is a description of someone's religious affiliation whereas
baptize is what some branches of Christianity do when you become Christian,
a ritual. Ex. He was baptized a year ago and is now a very involved
Christian. Sometimes I think religion is all he cares about now.

981 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 07:38:31
"Christening" can simply mean the same thing as the "naming":

The First Lady christened the airship 'Los Angeles' before it

When you're discussing religion, though, "christening" refers to the
baptism of infants that occurs in certain branches of Christianity:

He christened the child, briefly dipping him in the tub of water.

...by the way, does Japan not have as many synonyms of words as
English does? I'm just curious.

982 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 08:06:19
"Accord" is a tough word. Technically, it can mean the same thing as
"agree". However, I've rarely heard it used in that way.

Still, it is valid.

"That theory accords with the facts that we do know."
"He was able to accord his ideals with reality."

More often, I've heard "accord" used in a difference sense: to mean
"grant" or "bestow":

"In the end, he was accorded all rights and privileges."

"Accord" can also be used as a noun. In this case, it means something
like "agreement", "concurrence", or "harmony":

"The teacher acted in accord with university policy."
"The singers performed perfectly in accord."

Note also the existence of the word "accordance", which can mean the
same thing as the noun:

"Let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle."

(It can also refer to the act of according, e.g., "an accordance of
rights", but don't worry about that too much.)

983 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 08:09:03
Lastly, concerning the idiom "of one's own accord": If someone does
something of his own accord, that means he did it voluntarily, perhaps
even without being asked:

"I did the extra work of my own accord."

984 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 10:41:57
Thank you. We want to express our gratitude for a detailed answer.
The concrete illustration is glad.

Can I ask you?

> "That theory accords with the facts that we do know."
> "He was able to accord his ideals with reality."

I saw there are two patterns.
"accord with A B" and "accord A with B"
To tell the truth, I don't know I must use which.

"That theory accords that we do know with the facts."
"He was able to accord with reality his ideals."

are valid?

Should I study the preposition?

985 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 17:50:54
Who are "We"?
It's you who asked the question and I know you ask the same question in
another thread. It's considered rude to ask the same question in multiple

986 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/13(水) 18:37:19
We are the world, we are the children.
We are the funny nameless.

987 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/14(木) 02:55:09

In the first sentence, the "that" is connected to the "facts".
In other words "the facts that we do know" is one noun phrase.
So, "that theory accords that we do know with the facts" is incorrect.

Also, note the difference:
"That theory accords with the facts that we do know."
In other words, "that theory" and "the facts that we do know" agree.
"That theory accords what we do know with the facts."
In other words, because of "that theory", "what we do know" and
"the facts" agree.

"He was able to accord with reality his ideals" is okay, though.
In this case, you just changed "he made A and B agree" to "he made B
and A agree".

988 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/14(木) 10:39:39
Thank you for kindness.
I didn't care noun phrase yet. I also did not understand it.
It is easy to understand as the idea dividing into some phrases.

I also try to learn the relative pronoun too.
"That theory accords what we do know with the facts."
In this case, Can I change "what" to "that which"?
Is "that theory accords that which we do know with the facts" correct?

989 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/15(金) 05:46:51
     |             .( ( | |\
     | )              ) ) | | .|
     |__∧∧_∧_∧_(__| .\|
     ∧∧ (∧∧) (∧∧) ∧∧\≒
  / (・ω・)(・ω・) (・ω・)(・ω・) \
  | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |

990 :firestar:2010/01/15(金) 11:08:11

  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ
  ><(つiつH www.livestream.com/napkin2010/old

991 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/15(金) 12:55:37
Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 139

992 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/16(土) 04:58:21
This thread will soon die.


993 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/16(土) 20:19:46
English phrase of the day:
Flogging a dead horse

994 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2010/01/17(日) 02:44:34
Fack you

995 :20y:2010/01/18(月) 02:45:43
This boy is beautiful..

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